Amber Rose Catches Shade from Charlottesville!

In a recent impromptu photo shoot, on her Instagram page, Amber Rose poses for 15.8 million of her fans.

Amber Rose, donning lingerie from Fashion Nova, post the seductive pic with the caption, “waiting for bae to come home in @fashionnova”. However, Amber Rose’s fashion sense, does not receive such complimentary comments.

amber rose during charlottesville rally
Photo Courtesy:thacelebriteaofficial

amber rose during charlottesville rally

Stans show their disdain and disgust towards her provocative pose, as being insensitive towards the ongoing riots in Charlottesville, VA. And the shade leaves her severely scorched…

IMG 2482
Photo Courtesy: thacelebriteaaofficial

On Saturday afternoon, in Charlottesville, VA., White Supremacists, marched through downtown Charlottesville to announce their “White Power” and “White Lives Matter” movement. What supposedly was freedom of speech and a non-violent march — turned into the exact opposite. One fatal car crash, involving an innocent protester against the march, and several are left in critical condition.

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Photo Courtesy: CNN
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Photo Courtesy:CNN
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Photo Courtesy:CNN

Celebrities, such as: Lady Gaga, Pete Wentz, Zendaya, Michael Moore, and many others have already spooken out against the violent and racists acts. Many of Amber Rose’s followers truly want to know where are her morals and “Star Power” when it is needed.

We definitely understand where the fans and other celebrities are coming from with the timeliness of this picture. Currently, our country seems to be on the brink of a race war and Donald Trump is inciting a nuclear war with Kim Jong and North Korea. We love ourselves a good raunchy picture every now and then, but this was not the place or time. Amber should be using her “talents” and popularity to be another voice for the people and speak out against the violence, hatred, racism, and death that has occurred. Sorry Amber this is one time your vagina or a sexy set of lingerie can’t get you out of hot water!

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