Amber Rose And 21 Savage: We Have Questions

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So, what’s up with this made for film, but adapted to real life union? Amber Rose and rapper, 21 Savage have been doing the absolute most out here in these internet streets.

Let’s just start at the beginning. Rumors about this unlikely pairing have been gaining momentum for about a week. But now, the guessing game is officially over…kinda.

Days ago, 21 Savage released video footage of he and Amber in a car. Amber was driving as the rapper caressed her shoulder and doted on her. 21  Savage appeared to be the one recording the video. As the recording went on, he praised Amber for being a selfless nurturer, and the two expressed how happy they were to have met. 

As soon as that video was live, the internet trolls were as well. Comments fired off, left and right, taunting the rapper for appearing “soft” with Amber.

21 Savage took to Twitter with a response, obviously offended by the backlash.

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Amber posted about the situation as well, using a funny meme and tagging her man.

A day or so later, the couple sealed the entire deal via Instagram. They engaged in a little PDA that was clearly designed to entertain an Instagram audience. And…maybe Wiz Khalifa?

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You see, elsewhere on the ‘gram, Amber’s ex-husband (and father of her child), Wiz Khalifa has been gettinpretty close to his new boo for a while.

Before any of this Amber Rose/21 Savage tea was brewed, Wiz and Brazilian model, Izabela Guedes, had been seen coolin’ around town in matching trousers, shoes, and the like, approaching “relationship goals” status.

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On Monday afternoon, Wiz posted a cutesy matching couples picture of he and his girlfriend on IG. Moments later, Amber posted a video of she and 21, being affectionate…and playing it up a bit for the camera.

Soon after, Wiz posted the photo below with the shady caption “major stunts being pulled”.

Screenshot 2017 07 03 21 54 04 1

Sounds like Wiz doesn’t quite believe this match up either.

Is it possible that Amber is competing with Wiz, or for attention in general? Or is this thing legit?

Amber, do all the guys you date have the pleasure of meeting your cute little son, Sebastian? Or is this a testament to just how serious you are about this relationship?

Is Wiz okay with the idea of 21 Savage playing football with his son in the future?

Also, does any of this mean that 21’s quest for Kylie Jenner is over?

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Do you guys think 21 Savage seems like Amber Rose’s type?

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Does Amber Rose seem to even have a type?

Check out a few of the guys that have caught Muva’s eye in the past below.

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