Aminah Ambdul Jilil Red Pumps are just in time for Valentines Day!!!

The infamous pump is legendary & will always be nothing less than!!

The ever so talented professional dancer Aminah Ambdul Jilil has a new shoe and ironically enough the name matches its design perfectly. -”Bow Pump” & everyone loves them.


This asymmetric shaped shoe is made up of the most striking bow anyone has ever seen before. Beautiful red suede & leather joined in with this classy & very sassy pump must be illegal somewhere. This particular red “BOW” pump could effortlessly be paired with any Valentine Day outfit. Aminah Ambdul Jilil shipped this shoe directly to us from Cupid himself #thanks pal.

Here’s some #history on the infamous “Pump” that might definitely shock some,
This particular shoe has always been the “it” shoe making its first appearance back during ancient civilization in Egypt, Greece & Rome. This “pump/court” shoe was once highly expensive and coveted and it would somehow become a synonym for wealth, political position and power.


Women across the globe should be thanking men for stumbling across such beautifully painful creations. It’s been said that men of “high class particularly loved to use “court shoes” during horseback riding, because of their excellent ability to be secured in the stirrup even in high speeds”. Now that’s a #funfashionfact for us all.

Tirell Tippit

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