“Angelic” Is Heaven Sent!

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There was a time when Atlanta was just a dust ball on the globe. Nowadays it is the powerhouse of The South and one of the country’s most industrious cities. Music is just one of those industries that makes “The A” so “industrious.” The city has produced a number of hit artists; Kandi Buruss, Outkasts, TLC, Usher, and T.I., just to name a few. Now, from its new crop of artist has risen a girl with a sound all her own–Angelic has landed! Angelic is fun and futuristic, seemingly blending pop, R & B, and techno. Her single, “ATL Pretty Girls,” is definitely “clubby” and catchy. It easily gets in your head and will have you humming “ATL, ATL, ATL, Pretty Girls…” as you too celebrate the ladies doing their thing in the Jewel of the South. “No one can sing like Angelic…People are going to try,but then won’t be able to…” Nuqis Music said about her. Indeed this girl is going places and she thanks her fans for getting her this far. Although she knows there is no end to where she will be going in life, she wisely knows to live in the moment. Check out her single below and get ready to party!





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