Another Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

The one day that you should never forget is Mother’s Day and I hope you didn’t forget this year because it’s right around the corner. Still didn’t get a gift for the special mother’s in your life? Don’t worry we made another Mother’s Day gift guide for the last minute sons, daughters, and grandchildren out there. This one is for you.

Personalized mommy and me t-shirt from CustomInk


This Mother’s Day, ditch the predictable bouquet of flowers and give Mom something she’ll truly love by designing personalized gifts at Choose from a selection of pre-designed Mother’s Day templates, which can be personalized using the design lab, or upload your own artwork and photos to create a custom design.

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Aspire Eyewear


When Fred Friedfeld founded ClearVision in 1949, his goal was to create a great experience for independent eyecare professionals by providing high quality products and exceptional service. While we’ve grown considerably since then, this has remained part of our mission.

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​The flexible tummy control panel, built-in the leggings, moves with you and keeps your figure looking terrific throughout the day. Your hips and waist are​ perfectly held, avoiding awkward rolls and lumps.  ​Available in all styles and colors, SlimSation makes getting dressed easy.

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Retail price: $74.00

Vermont Soap-Lemongrass Zen Body Foam


This soap is mild and moisturizing and creates a scrumptious lather you won’t be able to get enough of! Suitable for all but the most sensitive skin. Certified to organic food standards by Vermont Soap.

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Retail price: $9.98

Origami Owl

oragami owl

inspired to create a platform to capture inspirational stories. Origami Owl allows an individual to customize bracelets, necklaces and more by choosing the design, color, and gems used to create jewelry.

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Retail price: varies on style

Karuna Karma Kit and Face Mask Set


Helps eliminate bulky skincare bottles and jars and consolidate into a carry-on. Each face mask in the Karma Kit contains Karuna’s signature “Beauty Boost” with a proprietary blend of Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid Chinese Licorice, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Vitamin B and other plant extracts-that further enhances the formulas to soothe, heal and restore all skin types.

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Retail Price: $28.00

Deckopedia’s new Natural Beauty Skincare Deck


If you’re tired of slathering questionable chemicals on your skin and paying high treatments prices, you’re not alone.
Embrace the skin you’re in and pick up The Natural Beauty Skincare Deck to learn how to make your own organic, safe, and affordable products at home. You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it is to naturally care for your skin!

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Retail price: $19.95

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