ANOTHER Photoshop Controversy for Beyonce!

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Controversy seems to follow Beyonce like an unwanted mutt nowadays. Less than three weeks ago it was her Grammy performance, then there’s the ongoing girl drama with she and Kim Kardashian. Now, pictures have leaked from her L’Oreal commercial shoot back in 2013–needless to say they do not live up to the “Beyonce standard” we are use to. The photos were leaked by the website, TheBeyoncéWorldBey works as a spokesperson for the cosmetic giant and as you can see without retouching she has wrinkles and imperfections in her skin.

beyonce3 beyonce1 beyonce4

None of Beyonce’s skin issues are appalling or unappealing, the true controversy is in the mission of exposure. Celebrities like Beyonce  have their pictures photo-shopped to a point to where they look perfect. These unrealistic images compel impressionable consumers, many of them young women, to try and match the unattainable “beauty” in these pictures. Weeks ago, model, Cindy Crawford’s, unedited pictures were also leaked and this is not the first time Beyonce’s images have been critiqued. Just last year her pictures were skin was shown to have been lightened and her bikini line slimmed down. The public is demanding some authenticity it looks like and this superstar seems to be caught in the crossfire! Below are a few of her retouched images.

beyonce-loreal-allure-02-2011 video-undefined-25CF793E00000578-0_636x358 beyonce-loreal-glamour-0211

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