Another Speedster!? Check Out The Season 2 Trailer for The CW’s The Flash!

We are less than a month away from the second season premiere of The CW’s hit series, The Flash. When we last left Central City and our hero, Barry Allen had narrowly defeated Eobard Thawne, The Reverse-Flash and Eddie Thawne gave his life to make it happen; Iris West also now knows his secret identity and Captain Cold has managed to gather The Rogues. Oh and let’s not forget that there is a singularity AKA a black hole threatening to suck up the planet! Well it appears that singularity is also a portal to other worlds–Earths from alternate universes. One of those universes has its own Flash, Jay Garrick!

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This Flash, portrayed by Teddy Sears, comes to warn Team Flash of a danger threatening their world. This danger, unsurprisingly, seems to come in the form of super villains who have also made their way to Barry’s Earth. One of them is definitely Atom-Smasher, a metahuman with the ability grow in size, similar to Marvel Comic’s Hank Pym. In the comics, he begins as a villain, but later reforms to become a superhero. He alongside The Flash (Jay Garrick) are apart of The Justice Society of America, a team of heroes that preceded the Justice League of America. Hopefully we will see some of them too! It looks like it is going to be an amazing season with the appearances of Wally West and the return or debut of either Reverse-Flash or Professor Zoom!

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 6th at 8 PM EST!

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