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“Instantly Handsome!” 6 Things ANY MAN Can Do In Under An Hour for Better Looks!

“Instantly Handsome!” 6 Things ANY MAN Can Do In Under An Hour for Better Looks!

Women have often held the monopoly only beauty secrets and enhancements to improve their appearances. The market is littered with thousands of anti-aging serums, eye creams, shampoos, and makeup just to give them that extra pretty “umph” while managing the woes of everyday life. It is no secret in modern times that men are increasingly more invested in their appearance as well. However, and surprisingly, the market has yet to truly cater to their needs. On the upside, there are a few simple things ANY MAN, ANYWHERE can do for an instant improvement to his looks!

#6. Moisturize- If your mother never told you, you will learn today! Being ashy is never a good look. Dry, flaky skin is a turn off! If you are a man of color, it is even more egregious, because it is easier to see. Luckily, a little lotion will do the trick and you do not have to spend more than five bucks. Cocoa Butter or baby oil are good for all skin types and can be found virtually anywhere and the application works instantly. To put it simply, there is no excuse for thirsty skin!


#5. Clean Hands- A lot of men do not know this, but dirty hands are beyond unattractive. In fact any female celebrity I have  interviewed listed this as one of the most unattractive things you can find on a man.  The dirt and grime you refuse to clean from under your nails, or discolored nails, are signs of dirt and bacteria. This “grime” spreads germs and sickness. A simple manicure (and regularly washing your hands) can put all this behind you. Thanks to your Y chromosome, it will be super cheap. Most of them are fifteen dollars or less, and take fifteen to twenty minutes.

Male on manicure getting his hair dried in beauty salon

#4. Eye Brow Shaping- For a lot of men getting anything done to their eye brows is still taboo. However, it is a proven fact that shaped or arched brows sharpen your facial features, making your more attractive. The only discomfort is the hair removal process. Find someone good and go in with an example of how you would like your brows to come out. Oh, and its only ten dollars or less and takes five minutes! See the chart below for further advice!


 #3. Hair Cut & Shave- A neat and clean cut will make the prettiest, meanest girl take a second look at you. There is something about a man with tamed hair that screams style, togetherness, and strength– all things the ladies find irresistible. This probably takes the most amount of time depending on who’s cutting and the style you are getting. It may also be the most expensive thing to do on our list; as well as the price may vary unless you are doing the styling yourself. Choose a look that will sharpen your features. FYI deep parts are back in style!

a2161ba6ba15e6f308309c968a43d7df           black-men-haircut-styles-chart

#2. Your Smile- You can tell a lot about a man based on his smile alone. Missing teeth or receding gums can be the signs of various diseases or bad  habits (smoking). Simply put, yellow teeth are a “no, no” and easily avoided with a little tooth whitening toothpaste and mouth wash. If you did not grow up as a “Crest Kid,” then you should become a “Crest Adult.” Brush after every meal for at least three minutes and go to the dentist regularly. You will thank me in the long run!


#1. Smell Good- The quickest way to be “Instantly Handsome” is to smell good! Bad odor of ANY kind will make the most handsome man the loneliest! His scent will clear a room in a millisecond! Deodorant, soap, hot water, toothpaste, and cologne are your best friends in the battle against body odor! C’mon guys there is no excuse here; showering and brushing your teeth should not take long, but you should always be thorough. When it comes to deodorant use one designed for women. Why? Because they have a higher pH, meaning any of their deodorants will be more than strong enough for you! Secret much?


There you have it! Six simple and surefire ways to go from “hideous to handsome” in a blink! Check back here at www.HeyMikeyATL.com for “Hot Tips for The Handsome Man!”


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