Apollo Nida Is Singing Like A Bird


Thats right Apollo’s got a voice, and he is going to use it… to tell the world his story and secrets. According sources Apollo has been hard at work with a team of writers  on a tell-all book before he heads to the “Big House”.  On september 10th, Apollo will turn himself into police custody, to begin his 8 year sentence. He has been charged and found guilty of  bank fraud, and identity theft.


The book is said to detail his life from beginning up until now, from his home life as a young boy, his first stint in prison and what lead him back to prison.  It is unclear how Phaedra  feels about their private lives further being on display, however one can image the ‘Southern Belle’ isn’t pleased. One thing is for sure, that book will for sure make someone’s best seller’s list!


The last few seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta, depicted the Nida’s roller coaster relationship, from obscenely making out in front of friends, to implications of infidelity. Ms. Parks was ride-or-die through the first prison sentence, but will she ride for her man this time? Does anyone else see a spin-off in the Parks-Nida future?


Danielle Elaine

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