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Apply Here: Tools for Makeup Application

Apply Here: Tools for Makeup Application

You can spend $0 and up on tools to get the perfect beat. Keep reading!



Your hands are free and each finger can be used to apply different products. Please note, your hands should be clean considering you will be touching your face and your makeup. You can use each part of your hand for different areas of the face.

  • Thumb- eye shadow
  • Point finger- lip product or eye shadow
  • Middle finger-blush
  • Ring finger-concealer
  • Pinky finger- inner eye or lip products



This is a classic tool used to apply your makeup. As time progressed, so did the material and design of the brushes. You have the option of simply buying an all inclusive brush kit or the brushes you are missing from your present collection.

6 Habits to Incorporate Into Your Beauty Routine

Beauty Sponge

Back in the day, your mom may have had to use one of those beauty sponges from the drugstore. Yes, they are still around, but that is not your beauty sponge. The new generation of makeup lovers have a tool known as the Beauty Blender. It’s a sponge that is cone shaped. The purpose of the design is to get into the corners of the face to apply makeup.


Gem Blender

This tool is similar in shape to the Beauty Blender, but it’s better. This is a non porous, non absorbing beauty applicator is also more sanitary and easy to clean. By using the Gem Blender, you are able to use all the product on your tool because it does not get absorbed. Essentially, you will be saving money. The concept of this tool is from the YouTube beauty guru Destiny Godley.


Electronic Brushes

Everything gets an upgrade these days and your makeup brush is not exempt. They look like your mom’s brushes, but they have the benefit of technology. Two brands that have created brushes that vibrate and move to apply makeup smoothly are Clarisonic and Michael Todd. The help with making sure you have a streak-free beat that is flawless. A plus to the electronic devices is that you may end up using less product and still get good coverage.

Michael Todd Sonicblend


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