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Hella Blows

Are Semen Facials Disrespectful Or Did Issa Overreact?


Hella Blows

As much as I hate to see season two of Insecure come to an end, I’m just as thrilled to see what OMG moments season three will bring. Hands down, the biggest OMG moment of season two was the unexpected semen facial Daniel (Y’lan Noel) gave Issa (Issa Rae).

I feel terrible for admitting this, but I laughed hysterically at Issa’s reaction to Daniel’s  brief moment of passion. Issa looked absolutely ridiculous walking around California like a one-eyed pirate.  I thought to myself, what did she expect? It’s like sucking on a popsicle and not expecting it to melt. In the heat of the moment, what man can control where his semen lands?

Hella Blows

In case you haven’t seen Hella Blows, episode six of Insecure, here’s a brief synopsis.  In episode six, Issa, Molly (Yvonne Orji), Tiffany (Amanda Seales), and Kelli (Natasha Rothwell) take a trip to Sexplosion, a sex empowerment conference. Tiffany wants to help the girls enhance their skills, so she enrolls them in a blow job class.


Hella Blows
From Left: Molly, Kelli, Tiffany, and Issa

Issa admits to the group that she’s not a fan of giving blow jobs. She thinks oral sex is way too intimate, and would only do it with someone she’s really close to.  After one too many smelly experiences, Kelli says she’s done giving blow jobs. Tiffany, on the other hand, begs to differ. Tiffany tells Issa she enjoys pleasuring her man. The thought of having complete control over her husband is damn near mind blowing.  Tiffany goes on to say, “I just don’t understand black women and their hang-ups about oral sex.”

At first, Issa seems hesitant to hop on the blow job bandwagon. Later on in the show, we see Issa is down for a new adventure. After a sip of champagne, Issa gives Daniel an award winning performance. But to  her dismay, Daniel thanks her for her stellar performance with a semen facial and ejaculates in her eye.  Most people love reaping the rewards of their hard work, Issa in this situation is a special case. Feeling humiliated and disgusted, Issa storms out of Daniel’s house.

Hella Blows


The Unexpected Semen Facial

Am I the only person that thinks Issa slightly overreacted ? Last time I checked, semen never hurt anyone. In fact, beauty blogger Tracy Kiss said, “I cover my face in sperm to stay young.”  I’m not suggesting that anyone indulge in the semen facial. I’m simply stating that some people embrace the semen facial. To get a different perspective on the semen facial,  I asked a couple of people, do you think it’s disrespectful for your partner to ejaculate on your face? Here’s what they had to say.

“I think it simply depends on how well you two know each other. If your partner is into it, then not at all. If the conversation has never taken place, then it’s a matter of establishing boundaries, and having a better understanding of each other before jumping into a “sticky situation.”


“YES! I think it’s very disrespectful. That’s not something you just do. You should ask the female first because some women wouldn’t mind. Sex is all about preferences. I think semen facials are nasty, but that’s my opinion. It’s really a preference. Just like oral sex is a preference. Issa said it on the show, in order for her to perform oral sex she really has to be close to the person.”


“Yes because you can get pink eye. But if you guys talked about it before,  and you told him you would like to try it; he doesn’t have to warn you per se.”


Your partner skeeting in your face is disrespectful, if you have discussed with the person that you do not like that. Otherwise, it’s not okay to assume that the individual knows that. Just like, you can’t assume the individual ejaculated in your face to be disrespectful.  Therefore, if you do not like it, let your partner know in advance to avoid this “disrespectful” behavior as Issa called it.”

Okay readers, tell us how you feel. If your partner rewarded you with a semen facial, would you consider it disrespectful?


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