Are You Pore Obsessed? Tips to Shrink and Unclog Your Pores

Are you pore obsessed? Do you think that your pores are large or always seem to be clogged?

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If you answered yes to these questions….ponder on the question below.

Everyone desires small, almost non existent pores. But, how much do you even know about your pores?

Education awareness is everything, especially in the beauty industry. We are all guilty of seeing commercials or ads of skincare products and instantly going out to purchase. (hence why so many of us are product junkies)

What Are Pores?

Pores are small openings in the skin in allowing oil and sweat to reach the surface from the glands below.

We all have 2- types of pores: oil pores and sweat pores

Oil pores aka hair follicles would be the skin over your entire body excepts the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.

Sweat pores are very tiny and can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Those that hate their pores and think they are overly large, you are referring to the oil pores

Certain skin conditions can be genetic. If mom or dad suffered from acne as a teenager through adulthood, you may as well. This also goes for large pores and skincare as a whole.

How can I shrink/unclog my pores?

Cleansing your skin 2x per day

Exfoliating your skin once per week or once every other week (based on your skin needs)will help to dig out the gunk that your cleanser couldn’t reach.

Skincare, skintone, pores, pore, beauty, kontro mag, kontrol beauty, exfoliating, cleanser
Skin Exfoliation

Reducing the amount of sugar that you intake. We’ve all heard that sugar is the root to all evil when it comes to achieving flawless skin. So to avoid skincare mishaps, avoid sugary drinks and snacks by all means necessary.

If you are an avid skin picker, STOP! Pore obsessed, STOP!

If genetics is why you suffer from acne or large pores, that is out of your control. However, you can start to become more in tune with your body and what you are consuming to ensure that the situation doesn’t become worse. This means drinking a ton of water (1 gallon per day), consuming more fruits and vegetables, exercising and no sugary foods!

You have to start somewhere!


Stephanie scales

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