Artists Unite! Chris Brown and Trey Songz announce joint tour!

Hearts are about to jump for joy and bank accounts are soon to be emptied! Why? Because Chris Brown and Trey Songz are back on tour and TOGETHER! Hours ago, via Twitter, Brow confirmed the tour with his longtime friend. Chris is headed on the road in support of his upcoming album, “X,” set to be released on September 16th after repeated delays. Most of these delays were due to Brown’s infamous and numerous legal issues. Trey, however, is celebrating the success of his latest album, “Trigga!” It is his second consecutive number one album and currently dominates the airwaves with songs like “Na Na” and the ballad, “SmartPhones.”

Trey Songz


I am sure you can imagine the massive amounts of fans and groupies this tour will attract. One has to wonder what kind of tour it will be though? Is the duo staying stateside or going international? Let us hope it is the latter, Trey Songz has been steady working at his career to get to where he wants to be. If you were on to him when he first sang “I Just Gotta Make It,” then you know this man’s grind. Breezy, however, needs to go international to revamp his career. He still carries that deranged, bad boy image here. Perhaps his international fans and their businesses will give him the sixth or seventh chance he so desperately needs to become the class act he was always meant to be. We are rooting for you Chris! No exes on stage. Neither artist has released anymore information concerning the details of the tour like if there will be other acts touring with them or even the cities they will be blowing through. One things is for sure maintenance men everywhere are not going to be too thrilled to have sweep up the used panties and bras left in this tour’s trail! Chris Brown has also released a new video, “New Flame,” at the announcement of the tour, ” check it out below.

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