“Atlanta” Actress, Zazie Beetz, Cast as “Domino” in “Deadpool 2!”

The comic community is officially fanboying/fangirling over the latest superhero movie news! Apparently, “Deadpool 2” has cast actress, Zazie Beetz, as the mercenary/mutant superhero, “Domino!”

As you may already know, Zazie is one of the break out stars of Donald Glover’s critically acclaimed FX series, Atlanta, where she plays Earn’s love interest/daughter’s mother, “Van.” Check out the picture “Deadpool’s” leading man, Ryan Reynolds tweeted below!

zazie beetz cast as domino in deadpool 2

For those of you who do not know, Domino is a mutant with “luck” on her side. Specifically, she can subconsciously make various telekinetic acts take place that turn the tide of most situations to her favor. These acts manifest in random improbable, but not impossible things to happen. For example her powers can allow her to make nearly impossible shots, or (courtesy of Wikipedia) if debris falling from the sky was about to hit her in the head, she would still be hurt if she stood still. However, if she tried to avoid it, she would move perfectly to avoid each and every piece about to hit her. In addition, if Domino were to stand before a hail of bullets she would be a bullet-riddled corpse. Instead, she must take action, attempting to avoid the gunfire, and would miraculously bob-and-weave just perfectly to avoid every single shot. Domino also has enhanced strength and is an excellent markswoman; all of this makes her a superhuman and lethal combatant. Deadpool may have just his match!

zazie beetz

This is awesome casting especially when you see how much Zazie can resemble the character with a little movie make up magic. The cast of Atlanta is definitely winning with Donald appearing in the new Han Solo standalone Star Wars film and Lion King remake, and Lakeith Stanfield’s recent appearance in the runaway horror hit, Get Out. Congrats Zazie! We cannot wait to see you all dolled up and in costume!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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