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Atlanta Press Day! Get the Goods on OWN’s Love Thy Neighbor & The Haves & The Have Nots!

Atlanta Press Day! Get the Goods on OWN’s Love Thy Neighbor & The Haves & The Have Nots!

OWN and Tyler Perry are like a match made in heaven. Thanks to the popularity and divine talent of Mr. Perry a once struggling and fledgling network has truly come into its “OWN” with some amazing original programming! Two of these shows, The Haves & The Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor have really struck a cord with fans nationwide delivering some amazing story lines and a few equally awesome punch lines! Recently, we were invited to a press day at Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant in Buckhead for lunch, a sneak peek of both shows, and a Q and A session!

06.23.15 OWN Press Reception The Haves and the Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor 014  JUN 2015_C.Mitchell_ 06.23.15 OWN Press Reception The Haves and the Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor 038  JUN 2015_C.Mitchell_

06.23.15 OWN Press Reception The Haves and the Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor 070  JUN 2015_C.Mitchell_

Love Thy Neighbor only seems to only get funnier by the season. The show has surprisingly moved to a new Friday night time slot with back to back episodes. In the previous season’s finale we saw Flip finally propose to a pregnant Linda (Kendra C. Johnson) and she accepted! Now in the new season’s premiere, Linda has too meet with a woman from church to see about using their help center as a place for her wedding reception. Naturally, her mother Hatttie Mae (Patrice Lovely) is resistant to the process and becomes even more irate when she meets the church woman and her husband–Ella and Curtis Payne–from the House of Payne!

Kendra C. Johnson, Palmer Williams, and Patrice Lovely showed up to share their love with fans and their admiration for Tyler Perry. “It is definitely the fans that keep us going…the fans and his [Tyler Perry] writing…he really has a gift…” Patrice states. Kendra, however, loves how the show is peppered with some real issues that a lot of people, including herself could relate to. “She [her character, Linda] was a teen mother and so was I, she’s had some bad relations like all of us, and you just know this is someone’s story out there too…”

Palmer hilariously discussed how he kids would rather watch black-ish then see him on television. Humbly, he is still in awe that he is living his dream as an actor and is on television. “I’m blessed to finally see this happening. I still wake up some times and I’m like is this really my life?” Yes Palmer, it is! Be sure you catch Love Thy Neighbor tomorrow night at 9 PM EST.

Angela Robinson and Crystal Fox

Anger, outrage, revenge, and deceit are all players in the games of Tyler Perry’s hit prime time soap, The Haves & The Have Nots! When we last saw our favorite soap stars their world was literally on fire! Veronica (Angela Robinson) set her house on fire while her husband slept, Jeffrey (Gavin Houston) finally stood up to his mother and gave into his attraction for Landon, Benny creamed Quincy with his car, and Hanna (Crystal Fox) was desperate to find her grandson! A lot, right? Well be prepared for so much more! In a sneak peek of the mid-season premiere we find David has narrowly survived Veronica’s attack, but is shocked at how dangerous she truly is and just how much she has unraveled. Meanwhile, Hanna learns that Benny has attacked Quincy and simultaneously wrecked her new car. She also find he has David’s truck, a “gift” from Veronica. Lastly, Jim and Katheryn prepare for Amanda’s funeral. Maggie promises to help them keep the press from turning it into a circus. She finally meet Wyatt and he asks her for help in managing an emerging crisis in his pants. As you can see there is never a dull moment when any of these people are involved!

06.23.15 OWN Press Reception The Haves and the Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor 114  JUN 2015_C.Mitchell_

Angela Robinson, Gavin Houston, and Crystal Fox graced us with their presence. We must say these are some beautiful people! Angela and Crystal are stunning, truly “Black does not crack!” Gavin is every bit as handsome as he is on the show; and he is suprisingly funny. Similar to the cast of Love Thy Neighbor they praise Tyler Perry’s talents and each feel they are living their dream to the fullest. However, fan reactions to each of their characters have been intense! Angela states one woman even slapped her! “She ran up to me and smacked me! She started telling me I need to be good to my husband because he’s a good man and that I need to treat my son better…well it’s a show and I don’t have a son so…[she laughs]” “People really get invested in the show and the characters thanks to the brilliance behind Mr. Perry’s writing…but we have to remind them this is a show we are actors!” Crystal chimes in, in defense of her friend. Gavin is grateful his character has evolved and people can relate to him now. “You know I’m glad Jeffrey’s evolved…in the first season he was a little creepy, sniffing clothes, and climbing into bed with people, and now he’s stood up to the ‘bully’ [he laughs].”

You can catch new episodes of The Haves & The Nots beginning, Tuesday, June 30th at 9 PM EST! Tune in or miss out! OWN is where the heat of summer is really happening!


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