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Austin Rogers Merging Music and Fashion To A New Beat

Austin Rogers Merging Music and Fashion To A New Beat

Austin Rogers Sounds Off on Music, Life, and More

Kontrol magazine sits with R&B newcomer Austin Rogers to discuss his start in the music industry and what inspires him to do what he loves—music. Sex appeal and soul are two words that accurately describe Austin Rogers as a vocalist.  While still a new artist, his abilities, potential, and current achievements can easily earn him a seat at the table with his contemporaries. Performance ironically wasn’t something Austin Rogers gravitated to out of chasing fame, but something that he did out of a natural love of entertaining an audience through music.

KM - Austin Rogers Covers Kontrol Mag Wildest Dreams Fall 2022 Issue - Cover Created By Julian Rashard Group

“I’ve always been involved in music since I was a kid,” he said. I never saw myself as an artist though. I just thought it was something that I loved doing. I was very active in school plays. I was really thinking I wanted to be a child actor and do the same Disney Channel stuff every kid thought they would do,” he laughed. “In my freshman year of college, I got around people with a different kind of vision, they persuaded me to really take it seriously.”

         Like many entertainers before him, Austin Rogers dreamed of doing something and creating something bigger than himself. His natural love of music initially wasn’t enough to inspire him to pursue a career in entertainment though.

Austin Rogers Covers Kontrol Magazines Wildest Dreams Fall 2022 Issue

“I knew I wanted to do something. My whole family thought I’d be president. I definitely don’t want to be the president now,” he said laughing. Back in the day, that’s what I really thought. It wasn’t even about being president, I just wanted to do something big to change and influence people. I lived in Dubai for a few years too. That was integral in how I would see the world and be impacted by different things in life that I now want to bring to my art.”

Austin Rogers’s powerful R&B vocals and sexy delivery put him in a class reserved for a few. His most recent release, Zodiac showcases not only his vocal capabilities but his strengths as a songwriter. More important perhaps is Austin’s willingness to experiment artistically and take risks. That is after all an element that goes into making icons and subsequent music legends.

Austin Rogers Covers Kontrol Mag Wildest Dreams Fall 2022 Issue

“Rihanna definitely is a big influence. I’d say Rihanna brand-wise and everything as an artist. Frank Ocean. Bruno Mars. John Legend. Jazmine Sullivan. Luther Vandross. Terence Trent D’Arby. I listened to a lot of India Arie. They all shaped how I listen to music, the way I see it, and how I see it for myself. It’s kind of crazy that Zodiac came about so quickly, it was like a 1-hour turnaround. My manager hit me up while I was on my way to the studio in L.A. and told me it would be dope if I wrote something sexy about the zodiac. Missy was very integral to the video and was very vocal about her thoughts. It was amazing to get feedback from her. I was able to call her and talk about how to move forward as an artist and get feedback from a mentor.”

         It’s one thing to be acknowledged by the public, it’s a different thing to be acknowledged by another artist—especially an artist like Missy Elliot.

“She [Missy] offered her influence from the time period of music that everyone knows her for. But it was more modern. She helped bring those elements of what people know as true R&B. She helped bring those Aaliyah elements, those Jodeci elements, and helped to implement that in a new artist.”

Honey, originally sung by Kehlani is the song Austin opted to use as his debut to introduce himself to the world. “I love Kehlani. I love her tone and her soulfulness in the song was something I could relate to at the time. I think where I was at that time is what made me gravitate to the song. I felt like that was me. I’ve evolved and continue to evolve but at that time that song felt like me but a male version.”

Austin Rogers Covers Kontrol Mag Wildest Dreams Issue

Like his music, Austin is not only willing to experiment with fashion, but use it as a vehicle to further his creative expression as a musician.

“Anything I want it to be,” he said when asked about his personal style. “It’s hard to describe because it’s constantly evolving and it’s always changing. I want it to be different and something that nobody can expect. I think that’s a great outlet for my artistry, playing off of style and fashion. It (style) is an eclectic thing that you can do whatever you want. I don’t think a lot of male artists have the ability or don’t think they have the ability to play with style as much as they can and make it look good as well. It’s one thing to play with fashion and rules and bend them, but at the same time making it look good and making it impactful is something that I want to do.

Off-White’s had an amazing collection this past season. Rick Owens always has wild stuff. The way he embodies it in his lifestyle and the people he’s with is interesting to me. If you ask me what I’m going to run to when I go out it will probably be Prada. That’s what I love, it fits me.”

KM - Austin Rogers Covers Kontrol Magazine Cover Mockup - Wildest Dreams Fall 2022 Issue - Cover Created By Julian Rashard Group

         There’s no confirmation on the specific release of his EP. However, Austin is planning on dropping it before the end of 2022.

“I’m definitely doing an EP first. It’ll be before the end of the year. We’re still kind of dabbling with it so I won’t say too much.”

Written by: Akeem Jones


Photography by: Derek Blanks

Creative Director: Julian Lark

Wardrobe Stylist: ᴀꜱꜱᴀᴅ ᴛʏʟᴇʀ 

Grooming and Glam By: Kellon Deryck

On Site Rep: Crystal Givens 


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