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Author Conversations with Cateenna Davis #KontrolReads

Author Conversations with Cateenna Davis #KontrolReads

The room turned a crimson red. “Waait…his time is not near…Waait.” Whispered the echoing voice of a woman unseen. Sarah had been hearing it ever since her father began abusing her and now wanting nothing more than to kill him for what he is doing, it would be the mysterious voice having her waiting until it is seemingly too late.

Get to know Cateena:

1.       Tell us what this book is about? Sarah Rose is a twisted tale of heartwarming and despicable characters that will surely take you out of your comfort zone and compel you to continue reading….   The main plot: Sarah Lambert is the victim of incestuous rape.  As her rage builds she becomes haunted by an unseen woman’s voice.  Sarah will find comfort in the haunting, but in doing so, she is kept from seeking the revenge she so desperately wants. She will be abandoned and left to fend on her own. She’ll be forced into a life of drugs, booze and prostitution.  Soon after entering her new life she will be compelled to come to terms with who and what she is. Sarah will also learn of her disturbing connection with the unseen woman. The sub-plot: Sarah will meet a boy, Tobias, fall in love and have to make a judgment call to leave town with him or adhere to the woman’s call. She’s also fighting with the idea of no man loving her the way she wants to be loved.

2.       Why did you choose to write this book? I don’t think I choose to write this one. It kind of chose me. What I mean by that is. Sarah Rose was never suppose to be a book. I started out just writing thoughts and feelings in a journal on the computer. My husband came across what I had written and asked if I were writing a book. Of course I said no. Time moved on and I kept writing in the journal, again just thoughts and feeling. Some more time passed and my husband asked me again, “How are you coming on that book?” he even told his family and friends I was writing a book. I still said nope, not writing a book. 10 years had passed, I raised my children, received a degree in emergency medicine with certificates in public speaking and leadership. I than worked in the medical field for several years, until 2010, 3 days before Christmas, I was let go due to the economy and companies downsizing. Devastated and not knowing what I was going to do next. It was my muse, my better half, my life line, that told me to finish the book. I think at that point I just looked at him, but nonetheless, with different eyes I took a look at what I had written. I took to rewriting and reworking the sentences, adding style, characters, finding voices for everyone. I only reworked the plot once…and before I knew it…I had a complete book. So again, I don’t think I chose to write this book, it chose me. My hubby had something to do with it too. J

3.       Tell us why your writing is unique? Umm, that’s an easy one. My writing is unique in that I bring benevolence to situations where it seems that a disposition to do good is the last thing any of my characters would do. I refuse to give hierarchy were hierarchy is usually given. My characters are plagued with real life problems and situations that are powered by fantasy.  There is nothing sugar coated about the dark side of life. Therefore, I don’t sugar coat the dark side in the reality of the storyline. I do however; power it all with unrealistic or improbable mental images in response to the psychological mayhem that ensues. So long story summed up….My writing is unique because it is suspense/thriller with benevolence powered by fantasy!

4.       What can we look forward from you? I have a few projects in the works at this time. I have competed my second book, Too The Introduction, which is now in edits, and I am working on the sequel to Sarah Rose titled Sarah and The Acumen. I have ended a summer book signing tour and will be starting my winter tour in November. Also I’ll be, along with my husband, launching an Independent Publishing Seminar this September.

Find the author:

Twitter Handle: @CatCornerPub  Website: cateennascorner.com


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