Author Conversations with Cushenka Kendrick #KontrolReads

What does a Mayor’s wife, an heiress, church girl with a secret love affair, stripper, and a female barber caught in a love triangle all have in common? Find out when you read this sexy tale of friendship and love. Your Friday nights will never be the same.

Get to know Cushenka:

1.   Tell us what this book is about?

Indiscretions is about a group of girlfriends that get together every Friday night to eat, drink, and spill the tea about their problems from career moves, to baby mama drama.

2.     Why did you choose to write this book?

I wanted to write a book about women that women could really relate to and not the hollywood fairytale crap, the real deal.

3.    Tell us why your writing is unique?

My writing is unique because no matter what genre I’m choosing to tell a story in, its always going to pour out from my heart, mind, and all the crazy experiences I’ve been through that gives me the inspiration to write these stories.

4.   What can we look forward from you?

Right now I’m wokring on part two to Indiscretions, Viewer Discretion Advised. I’m also putting the finishing touches on a new series Prison Wives, and I’m co-authoring a book with another erotica author that’s due out around Christmas of this year.

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