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Jayshawn Williams AKA JMoney has it all. He is living the life of a king. He has money, cars, a house and an endless supply of women at his disposal. He is comfortable with his lifestyle of being in the streets making money but often times has feelings about settling down.

Lashauna Lawrence is best friends with Jayshawn’s sister Andrea. She is secretly in love with Jayshawn and has been for years. He has never paid her any attention. At twenty two she is determined to make him her man.

When Jayshawn and Shauna decide to make it official and become a couple all hell breaks loose. Will Jayshawn have to choose between the streets and his woman. Will Lashauna lose everything dealing with Jayshawn. Follow this couple through all the twist and turns of life in the streets as they try to keep their love alive.

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1. Tell us what this book is about? Tantalizing Love is a love story with an urban twist. The main character is a drug dealer but the story is based more on his relationship than the streets

2.       Why did you choose to write this book? I wrote this book because I at one point in my life wanted to have this type of relationship in my life. Where the guy was into making money and in the streets all the time.

3.       Tell us why your writing is unique? My writing is unique cause I write from what I have experienced. In my thirty years of life I have seen and heard many things.

4.       What can we look forward from you? I have two more books coming out with TBRS. I also plan to put out a few short stories, and a couple of full lengths.

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