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Pandora is back with a vengeance and she’s got a score to settle. She’s coming for what’s rightfully hers; her freedom and her money. Diamond can think of nothing else but seeking her revenge on Tino for giving her AIDS, but will she feel the same once she receives devastating news from an unlikely source? Lexi is head over heels in love with Kojack and can see her as his perfect little housewife, but when the going gets tough does Kojack get going or gets gone? Find out in this installment of the Juicy series.

Get to know Nicety:

1.       Tell us what this book is about? 

Juicy 2: Getting Even is part 2 to the bestselling novel Juicy: Pandora’s Box. Twins Pandora and Diamond seek revenge while their younger sister Lexi tries to find herself and pull her life together. There is an explosive ending you won’t want to miss and part 3 is underway!

2.       Why did you choose to write this book?

I wrote this sequel because it was needed after how the first Juicy ended. I wanted to bring together the struggles that these sisters endured after everything hit the fan and let the readers further into their lives. In this installment you really feel the sisters’ emotions throughout the book.


3.       Tell us why your writing is unique?

My writing style is unique because I write like someone is sitting in front of you gossiping a story of someone else’s life. You can visualize it like a soap opera or as if you looked out the window and saw this happening right on your block. Its real fiction that takes you deep into a world you may or may not be ready for.


4.       What can we look forward from you?

I’m definitely working on more books so you will be hearing a lot from me. I am currently working on a book titled The Underworld, which is set to debut in September 2013. Juicy 3 will also be released this year and I have a host of novels set to debut next year so readers can look forward to a ton of great reads from Nicety for years to come.


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