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Author Conversations with Tremayne Johnson #KontrolReads

Author Conversations with Tremayne Johnson #KontrolReads

Mox Daniels is handsome, intelligent, and very aware of life’s obstacles. He values trust, integrity, and he lives by the code of honor. As a child, he witnessed the horrific murders of both of his parents and it scarred him for life. From that day forward, he vowed that no matter what obstacles came his way, he would find the mysterious killer and seek the ultimate revenge.

Family isn’t always family and all money isn’t always good money… problems occur when secrets surface and the truth eventually unfolds.

When deceit spreads like a plague will Mox maintain his position… or will he fall victim?


Get to know Tremayne:


1.       Tell us what this book is about?

The Union series is an urban fiction/ mystery/drama/romance novel based around the life of Mox Daniels. As a child Mox and his younger brother witnessed the horrific, brutal murder of both their parents in the living room of their project apartment, and not long after that his little brother is also murdered. Those tragic incidents would haunt Mox for the remainder of his life. But he was intent on finding his siblings killer and he doesn’t stop until he does. Throughout the story he meets the love of his life, a female by the name of Priscilla Davis and his entire world takes a turn in a direction he would’ve never expected. They solidify their love for one another by tattooing ‘Let no one stand before we.’ on their necks in the exact same place.

The Union is a story of love, loyalty, trust and everything that can go wrong when the people you expect to live by those laws, don’t.


2.       Why did you choose to write this book?

My choice to write The Union actually came at a time when I was ready to put this whole book writing thing on the back burner. I had recently released my second title King, but the reality was I was still in the streets. Almost like one foot in, one foot out. I wasn’t really paying attention to what Amazon and the Kindle sales were doing because when I put my first book A Drug Dealer’s Dream on the Kindle (Dec 2008) I got about 2 or 3 clicks, so that was obsolete. I stuck to the paperbacks. I moved those on the streets wherever I could. But being that I’m on parole I can’t go state to state with it. So, now, King came out Apr 2011, in July I get an inbox from some dude from a marketing company talking about they can get my Kindle sales up and things like that. I ignore him at first, but then I’m like wait… let me check my Kindle sales because I haven’t been on the site since I uploaded the book. I just know I got about 5 or 10 sales at the most. Wrong. Each book had over 500 clicks. I’m like, WTF! Okay, and then Aug that numbered tripled and I was all in. I went straight to social media to try and find these readers and I’ve been looking for new readers ever since.

That sparked it. I started creating characters for a new a book and while I was on Facebook I get an inbox from this dude named David Weaver. He had made a joke about me stealing his title King and we laughed. He had the Black E Book Club popping at that time and he invited me to do the ‘Author of the Day’. His book was ranked super high so his following was up. After I did Black E Book Club we kept in contact. Once he made the move to branch out and start signing authors, we made it happen. I signed to SBR Publications in March 2012.

So I had these characters and this story called Love, Lies and Bullets that I was working on. It was going to be a 3 book series but after David and I discussed it more I re-wrote the story and did something that was different in urban fiction. I birthed The Union.


3.       Tell us why your writing is unique?

My writing is unique because it’s my voice. It’s my vision, my tale. I’ve been writing since I could hold the pen, so once I developed my style, I stuck to it. My writing is vivid, easily visible. You’re reading the words but your mind is painting the picture. I like detail, description, feeling and emotions. If I can make the readers feel the same emotions I felt while writing, then I’ve done my job. If I can take the reader’s mind away from that long train ride he or she may have to endure, then I’ve done my job.  I actually don’t write; well, I don’t call it that. I paint eloquent street tales that deal with the harsh realities of today’s world. I write and say what a lot of today’s writers are afraid of doing, especially in African American Lit.


4.       What can we look forward from you?

My next two releases are The Union 3 The Finale (8/27/13/) and POP – Position of Power (8/30/13) after that I’m doing a new series called the Don of New York. I’m also co-owner/partner of TBRS Publications and we recently had a number 1 Urban Fiction BestSeller with Enough of No Love by Authoress Redd. We have a few titles dropping in Sept 2013.


Find the Author:

Twitter: @GS914

Website: www.tremaynej.com




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