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Kontrol Reads: Author Conversations with Daniel Stampe

Kontrol Reads: Author Conversations with Daniel Stampe

In this sequel to “Love & Transformation”, hero Daniel Remington is at a struggle in performing his duties as his powers continue to lose control, forcing him to hurt all of those around him. A special opportunity finally comes to his girlfriend, Ashley Taylor, to help him. But can Ashley save him before its too late? But most of all, can she put all of her feelings and morals aside and make the unthinkable decision she is tasked with doing?
Get to know Daniel:
1. “Revenge & Retribution” is a superhero novel set in present day Hawaii. It’s also a sequel to my 1st novel, “Love & Transformation”. 

To put it simply plot wise, everyone in this story is facing their own demons: The hero of the story (Daniel Remington) struggles with continuing to save a world that has grown to despise him from his current actions. He’s basically losing control of his powers as he battles PTSD from past traumatic experiences. Not only that, but with just turning 19, he’s also still becoming a man so he’s going through that stage all young men have at that age.

The antagonist (Jonathan Sloan) is in a struggle too. He’s dealing with a traumatic event from his own past. It’s an interesting psychology since this person makes this iconic villain feel like a scared, little kid again. He must also face the implication that in order to get what he wants he has to have no morals and murder anyone who stands in his way, including women and children.

Ashley Taylor (Daniel’s girlfriend) serves as the center of the entire story. While her role was supportive in the previous book, she now takes center stage. She’s dealing with the feeling of being helpless as she watches her lover decline and become evil. Finally, the opportunity comes to her that she’s been desperately waiting for to gain her own super powers and help Daniel. But it’s not in the way she expects. She faces THE most pinnacle decision of the entire story.

In conclusion, this story is much more personal than the previous one. A lot is at stake. A lot of tragedy happens. But with tragedy, also comes inspiration. And the outcome of all 3 of these characters is absolutely amazing to witness.

2. When I first started writing the 1st novel, I always wanted to write a trilogy. But in regards to why I chose this specific story for this sequel, I was going through a lot at the time when formulating it. My life was at its lowest. I found out that the 2 year relationship I was in with my girlfriend at the time was based on a lie. Everything I believed in had changed. So I decided to use these feelings and implement them into the story, which is why it feels so personal.
I also wanted to offer the world a different perspective on the hero/villain formula. What do heroes go through? What does it feel like when you can’t save that person and they die in your arms? I feel like most people view heroes as these flag wavers like the old movies.
Having deployed to war, I really wanted to add my own personal feelings in regards to that subject: That heroes do and see things that normal people almost never have to worry about. So in this story, you get to read that even heroes need to be saved sometimes.
As for the villain part, I also wanted to show a different side; that even villains struggle with their own ideals. I think that most just feel wronged and unloved so they lash out in their own ways. I wanted to offer readers a villain that they could relate to and get to know on a much more personal level.
As for Ashley’s role, I did a lot of researching with her. Ashley, to me, represents everything good about women. I feel like our society reflects women as these weak, home cooked meal workers. When in reality, they are truly a powerful and beautiful creation, inside and out. I wanted female readers to really be inspired by Ashley and her actions. I also wanted to show that women can be superheroes, too and that it doesn’t have to be just men flying around in tights. This story really reflects the power of women.


3. My writing is unique because I get deep into the character’s mind and become them. I always aim to be as personal as possible. I add layers, backgrounds, morals, and dreams to my characters so that you feel like these people actually exist and aren’t one dimensional.
I’m also not too detailed. Have you ever read a book and the author spent 20 pages describing the scenery? That always throws me off. Yes, I am detailed, but not to that extent. I give you enough to chew on and focus more on the characters.
4. You can look forward to a whole lot from me. I wrote a script for a feature film based off my 1st novel. I’ve been trying to get it developed for a year now. I have been shot down many times, but still, I will never back down.
I feel like rejection strengthens me, and since I just released a short film I made about this 2nd book, I am going to use it as concept footage to show Producers. Writing these stories has been a dream and an honor and I really want the world to become impacted like I have in writing them. I know I may face many more rejections down the line, but nevertheless, I will continue going for this dream.
I am also working on a standalone, futuristic sci-fi novel called PHENOMENON. It will take years to write and research so I hope to have it out by April 2016.

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