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Author Conversations with David Brown #KontrolReads

Author Conversations with David Brown #KontrolReads

Peter Lawson doesn’t realize he’s in a coma–why would he?  He’s still in his own bedroom and he sees his wife almost every day.  But there are some strange things going on that he doesn’t really understand.  Take for instance the strange group of people now inhabiting his home.  He demands answers but no one even acknowledges him, even his own wife. And the question that won’t seem to give him any peace is, Did he really kill all of those people while he was in a coma?  Is that even possible?

Get to know David Brown:
1.       Tell us what this book is about?

Unconscious Lies is about a young man struggling to figure out what’s really going on in his life–at first, he doesn’t even realize he’s in a coma.  As the story progresses, he ends up hiding out in people’s homes and cars with the intent to kill them, and he has no idea why.
Once he comes out of his coma, some strange things start happening that make him question his wife, his current profession, even his sanity.  Pete Lawson is eventually approached by a doctor who claims to have operated on him after his accident, and he tells him that he can actually communicate with other coma patients.  With one doctor claiming to want to help him and one blackmailing him into killing for him, Pete’s world is turned upside down.  Once he finds the picture containing six of the victims he’s already killed, he begins to put the pieces together: Dr. Roland and Dr. Jensen have been using him to kill the people in the photo he found, and that’s only the half of it–these so-called victims aren’t victims at all; they actually paid to be hunted down and murdered.  Mercy Killing Alabama might sound make believe to most, but not to the people that sought out its services.  Can Pete save himself and his new love in time?  Will he kill his best friend in order to do so?  Is Pete really a woodworker or is he this trained soldier, a killer, like his best friends claims?

2.       Why did you choose to write this book?
I believe it’s a very unique concept.  The world knows very little about what actually goes on with coma patients. We know they’re unconscious, but we’ve heard numerous stories of bright white lights and voices calling us up to heaven…what if that’s not the case?  What if there’s an entirely different world out there, a world of darkness and loneliness?  A world where you’ll do anything just to hear the voice of another human?

3.       Tell us why your writing is unique?
I strive to write about unique topics, and coma patients that can actually communicate with each other is definitely that.  Having read many boring novels, I’ve found that you’ve got to get the reader’s attention right off–I feel I’ve done that with Pete Lawson sneaking into a man’s home to murder him, and not really knowing why.

4.       What can we look forward from you?
Unconscious Lies is my 3rd novel currently released, and I have two more under contract.  To Know Death (next to be released) chronicles a deployment I went on in Cambodia.  While I’ve made this a fictional story, many of the things I did and saw there are also included in the book.  Two complete strangers unearth a mass grave site, and what they find there gives them both a unique ability to see death–they seek to stop the murders they see upon shaking hands with the people they come in contact with.

Find the author:

Twitter: davidbrown@justust0606
Website: www.dwbrownsbooks.com


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