Author Conversations with Donneil D. Jackson #KontrolReads

As one of the hottest radio personalities, Kayla, the Gossip Queen, has the fast-paced, glamorous life that many dream of. But one thing eludes her. Love. Kayla sets her sights on finding true love, even if he comes attached to another. She’s determined to create the perfect family of husband, wife, home, and children–even if she has to slip up and make a ton of mistakes along the way.

Get to Know Donneil:

1.      Tell us what this book is about?

Foolish is the tale of Kayla and Shawn and their emotional rollercoaster.

2.       Why did you choose to write this book?

Kayla’s story is very personal to me. Her character represents someone I love. I believe there are many Kaylas out there, and no one ever tells their story. I want the Kaylas of the world to know that we still love them and understand their stories. We also want more for them, and one day they will have all their heart desires without dealing with or accepting the unnecessary BS.

3.       Tell us why your writing is unique?

Writing for me is an escape and I would like my readers to escape along with me. I have a way of painting a very vivid picture, creating captivating scenes. I want my readers to envision themselves in the story, whether a person on the street watching or a fly on a wall.  I pour my heart and all of my feelings into my characters, with hope that readers will feel my passion through my writing and connect with the story and characters.

4.       What can we look forward from you?

I am currently working on a novella, Miss D Takes Over the City and a novel, Don’t Disturb this Groove. I am also contributing to the Couples Therapy anthology. Couples Therapy will be released later this year.

I am working on Donneil D. Jackson being a household name. As long as people will read. I will write.


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