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Author Conversations with Keleigh Crigler Hadley #KontrolReads

Author Conversations with Keleigh Crigler Hadley #KontrolReads

This gripping page-turner from author Keleigh Crigler Hadley shows that all it takes is one bad decision for everything to change.

Cherise Holder’s hell on earth begins on her 26th birthday. Unable to cope with a heart shattering loss, she gives in to a familiar addiction. Forced to attend AA meetings, Cherise befriends fellow alcoholics; Stuart, a disgraced banker, Greyson, a bitter cheerleader and Araceli, a broken teenager with an infamous parent.

An opportunity arises, and the foursome decides to work together to correct past wrongs in each of their lives. Their ingenious plan to get revenge works – too well and this is only the beginning. They find the electrifying high of revenge, more addictive than anything they’ve ever experienced.

Cherise assumes that revenge will put out the fire in her heart, but she finds that it just makes her rage burn brighter. She sets out to prove that revenge is a dish best served over and over again.

Revenge Inc. mesmerizes as it speeds you through the diverse Los Angeles landscape- from the barrio to the hills of Hollywood. Along the way, it exposes what the lust for revenge truly does to your heart, mind and soul.

Get to know Keleigh Hadley:

1.       Tell us what this book is about? Revenge, Inc is a breath-taking novel about what happens when payback goes wrong. Very wrong. Four individuals with a tendency for addictions, go through the worst year of their lives, they each hit rock bottom and find themselves consumed with the lust for revenge. Working together, they find that they are very good at serving hot dishes of revenge. Too good. Revenge Inc, explores what happens when revenge is all you can think about.

2.       Why did you choose to write this book? I’m the type of writer that likes to purge her demons when I write. We’ve all had that moment when someone has done something to us and we think, “Really? Oh, you will pay for that.” I tapped into my own experiences with wanting to get revenge. I have to admit, it was terribly fun coming up with the worst possible scenarios. I’ve had friends who’ve read the book, and then apologize to me for little stuff they did in the past. I guess I scared them a bit. I assured them that I got all that stuff out in the book. They need not fear me coming back for revenge. 🙂

3.       Tell us why your writing is unique? Writing is like DNA. Some of us were blessed with good genes. Some of us have to work hard to make what we got, look like what we want. My unique style of writing is a combination of the DNA I was blessed with – my active imagination, my wicked sense of humor, my experiences, and concentrated, disciplined, hard work at becoming the best writer I can be.

4.       What can we look forward from you? Revenge, Inc is a stand alone novel and I’ve written two YA novels as well called, Preacher’s Kids. I am also featured in The Motherhood Diaries by Reshonda Tate Billingsley. But right now, I am working on my 101 trilogy. I’m soooooo in love with the characters.   I’ve always been fascinated with the biblical story of Paul.  How he started off as the Christian bounty hunter Saul, a really despicable guy and then his experience with Jesus transformed him into Apostle Paul – church leader.  I’m going to take someone who is despised and hated in our society and make her a new creature. I’ve personally witnessed it before and I want to give people like that a voice.

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