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Author Conversations with Ramone Fluellen #KontrolReads

Author Conversations with Ramone Fluellen #KontrolReads

In taking a trip through District 69, these sexual escapades will be provided to you through three different individuals: Isyss-Symone, Benjamin Mills, and Nate Morris. Each individual has acquired levels of achievement in a variety of fields and they each have very experienced sex lives. Inspite of any of life’s judgements or hurdles; District 69 provides you with not a hindrance of the character’s sexuality, but a nourishment and celebration of it.

Get to know Ramone:

1. Tell us what this book is about?
Sexuality is something that should be celebrated not hindered. It should be nourished not inhibited. District 69: The Crimson Edition does just that. The book’s purpose is to simply have a good time; to show sexuality and erotica through the eyes of a young man. Many men are not comfortable with discussing their sexuality or lack of inhibitions. Many men or even women for that matter are not so free to explore, with regards to the sexual world; for those that do or are curious, District 69: The Crimson Edition is definitely for them.

District 69: The Crimson Edition is a collection of short stories. Each short story is a real life experience; a real life experience that shows an untamed and unorthodox sexuality. What is so special about these real life experiences is that the majority of them were the author’s personal experiences, and a few of them from those close to him. Through the emotions, passions, and pleasures of each person; there is representation for everyone.

2. Why did you choose to write this book?
I am a lover of all types of books. People are enthralled and captivated by fiction and the fantasy that it creates. I realized a few years ago that my own personal experiences rivaled the experiences I read about, and in some instances are better. I strongly felt that my willingness to be transparent about my sexual expereinces were needed. Although fiction can be awesome; nothing is better than the real thing, and that’s what my book District 69: The Crimson Edition provides. As my passion and desire to start this project increased; it was a close friend and frat brother (Quincy Hogan) who lit a fire under me to begin the writing process, and I never looked back.
3. Tell us why your writing is unique?
I do not write from a fictional standpoint. I provide stimulation and provoked interest, because my writing is brutally honest and highly sexual/sensual. The concept through which I provide my writing, allows the reader to feel as if they are right there in the moment sharing the same experience. Additionally, the reader does not feel as if they are reading a book; they feel as if they are having a conversation with their best friend, who is telling them a detailed story of what they did last night.

4. What can we look forward to from you?
I will continue to provide the quality of erotica novels that provide eye opening honesty and stimulating sensuality. My openness to not provide fiction but tales of real life escapades will continue to grasps the minds and support of my readers. I am a diverse gentlemen, so one can also expect me to not just write erotica novels. Look forward to me providing a variety of novels that will give the three essentials of life: pleasure, inspiration, and joy.

Visit the author Website: The Quis Box – www.thequisbox.com

Twitter the author @ramonemarquis


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