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Author Conversations with Tammara Matthews #KontrolReads

Author Conversations with Tammara Matthews #KontrolReads

When hard decisions have to be made and drama starts to unfold who will step up to the challenge and who will fold. After moving to Miami, Florida, Candy moves in with her cousin Tia only to uncover a secret about her husband that could easily ruin her relationship with Tia depending on how she takes the news.

After accepting a proposal from Donte, Niki hires Cynthia as her wedding planner but soon regrets her decision once she meets Cynthia’s assistant, Layla, who boldly flirts and lusts after her fiancé, Donte. Refusing to put up with Layla’s blatant disrespect, Niki’s wedding planning up until the day of her wedding turns into complete chaos and ends with a royal rumble for respect.

Tanya and Darnelle have been married for quite some time but a good husband he is not. He’s selfish, impatient, controlling, insecure, inconsiderate, and often times abusive, which are all qualities Tanya could do without. Despite this, she continues to do everything possible to make it work for the sake of their daughter Danielle. But after so many years of physical abuse and apologies, she begins to debate whether or not her relationship with Darnelle is worth mending or is it time to just let it go. Stay tuned as the drama unfolds!


Get to know Tammara:

     1.    So far what’s the best experience you’ve had as an author? The best

experience I’ve had as an author would be receiving positive reviews and critiques about my book from people I don’t know and having people try to coheres me into telling them what’s going to happen to various characters in Lies Unleashed 2.



    2.     Is there anything you did different with the writing of Lies Unleashed 2?

            Yes. In part two I attempted to take the readers comments and critiques into

consideration. For example, I noticed how a few of my readers felt I needed to

add more detail about the characters surroundings or environment so that’s what I

tried to do, along with a few other things.



3.    Why did you decide to make a second part to Lies Unleashed?

When I made part one it was more of a test trial to see how readers would react to

my writing style, and after receiving such positive reviews I had to make a part

two, especially seeing how I left the readers hanging at the end of the novel.


4.    Will Lies Unleashed be an ongoing sequel or will there be a part 3? No, there

will not be a sequel or a part 3. Often times, in my opinion, the book begins to get

watered down and lose its interest the longer its extended. Now some authors can

pull it off but I’m ready to move on to something new. 



   5.   What can we be expect from you in the near future? My plans for the future are

to continue producing great entertaining novels. I’m currently working

on book three which is a totally new book and will definitely be a page-turner. I

haven’t quite figured out a name for it yet but its going to be an awesome book that

readers will not want to put down. I don’t want to tell to much about it because I

want to give you something to look forward to and keep the element of surprise.


6.   Tell all the readers something about you that no one knows.

        I love animals just as much as I love writing and I’ve always wanted to write a

Paranormal fiction novel mixed in with a little drama, which I plan to do in the near




7.  How can readers contact or find out more about you? 

     I can be visited and contacted at www.tammaramatthews.com,

twitter@AuthorTammara, Facebook.com/Tammara.Matthews, and





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