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Kontrol Reads: Author Conversations with Untamed

Kontrol Reads: Author Conversations with Untamed

Born and raised in Atlanta, Lucinda, LaMeka, Charice, and Trinity are best friends with very similar backgrounds. They have all fallen victim to the perils of teen pregnancy. After each one becomes love struck to the bitter end; they realize that their dreams, ambitions, and planned future must be put on hold. While they struggle to find themselves, each one tries to survive in the game called life. Once they find out that their consequences are a little costlier then they imagined, it’s the decisions they’ve made that creates their troubles.
Get to know Untamed:

1.       Tell us what this book is about?

My book is entitled Never Again…No More. It is a very gritty tale of four best friends; LaMeka, Trinity, Charice and Lucinda who all fell victim to the perils of teen pregnancy. However, the story picks up in their early twenties as they begin to come face to face with certain relational struggles with their families, their children’s fathers, boyfriends and ultimately themselves. It’s a coming of age story which highlights the unforeseen consequences of pre-martial sex and teen pregnancy.

2.       Why did you choose to write this book?

Personally, I was a teen mom. There were certain plans I made for myself that were put on hold because of the situations that I had to endure stemming from having a child at a young age. I didn’t want it to necessarily focus on just my particular situation but on different situations that young women may face who are in or have been in this situation. But, I felt the need to write it because in society, we tend to focus on the statistics without focusing on the real consequences behind our actions. I wanted to bring that aspect to light with this book. For instance, yes, we all know (or can imagine) that it’s hard to have a baby as a young adult when you don’t have your own life together, but what sacrifices and struggles do young women and men truly face? What is that like?  What are some of the issues they endure that’s not in the textbook? When you have sex, do you consider the possibility that you may have twins? Do you consider the fact that your child may have mental or physical defects? When you’re in a relationship, how well do you know the man or woman you’re with? Can you trust them to really be there for you when times get rough or when life doesn’t pan? How do you handle not accomplishing the plans that you or your parents set for you? These added elements can be difficult for an established adult so imagine what it can be like for a child trying to raise a child. This book delves deep into those gut wrenching experiences that I hope helps young woman make smarter decisions with their lives or mentors to women and men who have gone or are going through these situations.

3.       Tell us why your writing is unique?

My writing style in general is unique because although my stories are fictional they highlight real life situations that many people go through or know someone who has experienced it. It is also delivered in a way that makes the characters life-like and believable.

4.       What can we look forward from you?

My next novel, Never Again…No More II: Getting Back To Me is on pre-order right now through my publisher, One Karma Publishing (www.onekarmapublishing.com) and will be released very soon on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I am also looking forward to hosting more books signings once this novel releases.


Find the Author:

Twitter: @chazz_untamed

Facebook: Author Untamed

Website: www.theauthoruntamed.doodlekit.com


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