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Author Conversations with V.Y.Peterson #KontrolReads

Author Conversations with V.Y.Peterson #KontrolReads

This extraordinary debut collection of poetry and fictional prose, chronicles the realities and disparities of divorce, relationships and mental illness, within communities of color. Each poem and story, are complete in itself; collectively they create a tapestry as intricate, as defined and as colorful as the people they represent. To the many generations of kinfolk unable to identify or acknowledge the mental illnesses faced and were therefore unable to cope; to each and every one of us who are now struggling, fighting to find our voice . . . to all the little ones who were unable to rise, or to speak; did not have a voice . . . to those whose sounds became “inaudible voices” . . . including some of my own . . . I dedicate these words.

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1.       Tell us what this book is about? 

My book, Fruits of Our Labor, MY Words, MY Harvest; A Compilation of Poetry and Prose is a collection of both short stories and poems. All of the writings within this book, however, seek to bring about awareness to issues surrounding our communities, particularly communities of color; issues that we don’t readily talk about, or expose our deepest emotions to. My book is about love and commitment, broken promises and domestic violence, homosexuality and loss, gaining independence and self reliance. As you read the book, you will become accustomed to my unique style of writing and my use of symbolism, allegory and symmetry. My use of these writing styles, helps to bring to life, the simplest things: You may be reading about a “leaf”, in my poem~ FALL, when in a deeper vein of thought, you are actually reading about the life of someone that has gone through struggles; struggles so deep, that only deterioration and the feeling of withering away, is all that is left.  Another example, is in my poem ~IDOLATRY …this poem will catch the readers eyes and thoughts at first, as though they are reading about an “apple”…when in fact, the apple, is just the vehicle in the poem, that represents our deepest desires and secret cravings for lust, need and longing. In one of the short stories, titled: ~STAIRCASE, here lies a story about a young woman who struggles with the concept of rationalization. The domestic abuse she endures, for so long, makes her internalize it as mere normalcy; that the notion of not having ever bled, or broken skin, during the abuse, proves in her mind, that the abuse isn’t that bad.  There is however, a heightened twist to the story, as it is, in real life.
2.       Why did you choose to write this book?

My objective in writing this book was to bring about awareness, particularly in our black communities, of the effects in our lives, when we choose to ignore our struggles. With regards to mental illness, abusive relationships and secrecy, we tend to oftentimes, rationalize and cover up the shame and abuse. We become embarrassed and therefore keep “quiet” and as a way to cope or accept the abuse, we “stay”.   My writing seeks to open those painful doors to a fresh freedom in knowing that our “silence will not protect us” (Audre Lorde).
3.       Tell us why your writing is unique?

My writing is unique, in that, I creatively use various writing styles, such as symbolism, allegory and symmetry, to bring to life, the situations that we go through. By no means do I make light of “our” situations, but if we can see ourselves, and our situations, from another view point, through someone else’s strength and eyes, it may enlighten us to pursue courage of our own.

4.       What can we look forward from you? 

Continue to look for work from me, to come out around the early part of 2014 😉

Find the author:

FACEBOOK:  Writer/Author V.Y. Peterson
TWITTER:  @vypeterson


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