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Author Conversations with Danee Riggs #KontrolReads

Author Conversations with Danee Riggs #KontrolReads

After yet another failed attempt at romance, Jacqueline Shaw decides to take an unconventional and traditionally ‘taboo’ step to figure out how to break the cycle of her loveless relationships.  But her judgmental childhood best friend and her own doubts, threaten to keep her from delving too deeply into a past she can’t remember.
Jackie soon realizes that, though the journey to self-discovery may be more than she’s ready for, surrendering to her fears just might mean missing out on the healing that comes from forgiveness- and the greatest love of her life.
Get to know Danee:

 Tell us what this book is about?

Broken addresses a number of topics; what constitutes cheating in the age of technology; strong family lineage and how it builds strong men; the lingering effects resulting from unaddressed mental and physical abuse; religiosity vs. psychotherapy and if there can be a positive blending of both, despite cultural taboos, etc.

Yet ultimately, Broken is about its antithesis; healing. Referencing the Hemingway quote, “The world breaks everyone, and afterward many are stronger in the broken places”, I believe that many readers will identify with one or more of these storylines. Then the question becomes, where are your broken places and how do you go about finding healing and making them stronger?


Why did you choose to write this book?

I had the idea since 2006 and when I was laid off from my job of 10 years, I didn’t have any other excuse not to! Also, I once heard it said that writers should write the book we want to read. To this day, I still get so involved with these characters and care for them in spite of their flaws (especially the hunky Chase Andrews, III), and believe their experiences are reflective of where many of us are and have been. Lastly, I needed to explore the relationship between Chase and his grandfather. There are far too many stories where men of color have no heredity, no roots, as if they just sprang up as drug dealers or thugs. The relationship between Chase and his grandfather was one of my favorites to write. Chase has an amazing (and sometimes daunting) legacy to live up to!


Tell us why your writing is unique?

What makes my writing unique is the ambition behind it. It spans much further than the ‘urban novel’, though I am glad to finally get this first one complete! My next novel is a supernatural thriller. I’ve also written R & B songs, a country song and even a Disney-themed song to encourage my daughter and our daughters the world over. Poetry, short stories, outlines for two Lifetime movies, you name it, I’ve got a (thought out, fleshed out) idea for it!

What can we look forward to from you?

I am actively looking for opportunities to expose and use my creative writing abilities and then, I believe the sky is the limit! Can I humbly say that you can look forward to ‘My Only Son’ (a short) being adapted for the small or large screen and for a chart topping single (that I’ve also written) to come from the accompanying soundtrack? I’ve written these things down and made them plain and I am grateful for the Kontrol Mag family to help me run with them!

 Find the author:

Twitter @DaneeRiggs


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