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  (HOLLYWOOD, CA) – November 6, 2018 – This week, actresses Elise Neal and Jennifer Freeman hosted the Behind the Burger Event for the re-grand opening of the BurgerIM on Melrose in Hollywood, CA. Attendees included Jensen Atwood (“Noahs Ark”), Miles Brock (“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood”), Alesha Renee (“Girl Code”), Courtney Harrell (NBC’s “The Voice”); NBA player Kibwe Trim, celebrity publicist Kita Williams, DJ Alysen, MC Spicy Mari and more. Celebs came out to... / READ MORE /
Tired of reaching into their pockets to check the time, WW1 soldiers started wearing pocket watches as bracelets. Initially considered a silly trend, wristwatches became the norm because of their practicality and rendered pocket watches obsolete. If you do not wear a watch for one reason or another, here are some reasons why you should... / READ MORE /

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