J Holloway

Confident Man Using Skincare Product

Cool Care for Your Skin

Even when the weather changes, your skincare should keep your skin together.   As always great skin starts with skincare. Make sure you use a

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Billions Wimberly
Features and Covers

Nothing But Billions

Why have only millions when you can have Billions?   Have you ever asked yourself that? Take it a step further and don’t think in

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Riska Crowder
Kontrol Beauty

Riska Crowder: Makeup Maven

Have you ever seen a picture of your favorite celebrity and just marveled at their beauty? Their clothes are designer and perfect. The lighting is

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Dupes of the day
Kontrol Beauty

Dupes of The Day

Who doesn’t love a good dupe?   Everyone likes nice things. Sometimes, those nice things come with a not so nice price point. Nothing is

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Features and Covers

Icicles of Beauty

Behold a vision so beautiful you will freeze in your tracks! The lovely Daisha Fields made the cold look so hot! Leave it to Will

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