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Award Winning Actor Hill Harper & ARCHROK ENTMT Will Produce Hollywood’s First Black Egypt Film

Award Winning Actor Hill Harper & ARCHROK ENTMT Will Produce Hollywood’s First Black Egypt Film


Hill Harper has signed on with Archrok Entertainment to Co-Executive Produce the Egyptian film trilogy Protector of the Gods. This historical project will be directed by the stories’ creator, Kameko Tarnez. The story is set in a magical world created by Academy Award-winning VFX Director Pete Polyakov (“Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Interstellar,” and “Batman v Superman”) and Academy Award-winning Production Designer David Bryan (“The Hurt Locker,” “47 Meters Down,” “The Other Side of the Door”). Vol. 1 of the trilogy follows the journey of female Pharaoh Hatshepsut, played by British actress Shingai Shoniwa (lead singer of the multi-platinum selling group Noisettes). This will be followed by Vol. 2 (Nefertiti) and Vol. 3 (Cleopatra). Filming will begin in August 2018.

“Protector of the Gods” is an epic and magical story that we have yet to see envisioned nor attempted by a Hollywood studio. I am honored and excited to be co-executive producer of this amazing film and help bring it to audiences across the globe. Kameko’s storytelling takes you through the larger than life history of ancient Egypt from a distinctly African perspective. I think it is essential that moviegoers understand and watch historically accurate depictions of African history, from more than simply a slave narrative. Now more than ever, audiences are hungry for stories such as these told without bias. I am excited to be a part of bringing it to millions around the world!” – Hill Harper

What will the “Protector of Gods” be about? What is the MDQ (Major Dramatic Question), the linchpin of the dramatic narrative, – the purpose for which the story is being told for “Protector of the Gods”?

Kameko Tarnez:The purpose of this trilogy is to emphasize the positive impact that African women had on civilization. The films are set in ancient Kemet and it follows 3 of the kingdoms most powerful female pharaohs as they fight to preserve the royal bloodline, and protect the principles of the gods they praise.

What was your inspiration for “Protector of Gods”, and what made you want to create it as a trilogy series?

Kameko Tarnez: Africa’s rich culture inspires me. I am also moved by powerful females particularly because I was raised by strong black women. I was compelled to tell the 3 stories of Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra and initially planned on doing this individually. However, as I channeled creatively the relationship between the 3 pharaoh’s and their gods tied the stories together.

There are some big names associated with this film: Both of you (Hill Harper & Kameko Tarnez), David Bryan, Pete Polyakov, and Shingai Shoniwa; are there more people that will be added or that you would like to work with in regards to this project?

Kameko Tarnez: There are definitely some other major names attached which will be announced at a later date. We want to keep some element of surprise (laugh), but I promise you will be one of the first to know as we reveal.

Although the film is still in pre-production, “Protector of the Gods” is already catching a lot of momentum due to its premiere of being the first of its kind. What major aspect made you want to be a part of this project to sign on as co-executive producer, and what is your biggest hope(s) for this upcoming film?

Hill Harper: The collective body of work is what inspired me to come on board. It’s always refreshing to stand behind new and innovative stories. I hope that this trilogy will continue to set the tone for the funding support of other projects that showcase a true rich African culture and history.

If you had to explain the “Protector of the Gods” in three words, what would you say?

Hill Harper: Magical, healing, and groundbreaking.

What can be expected from “Protector of the Gods”?

Hill Harper: A historical experience like no other.

Can it be expected for you to also act in any of the trilogy films? Have you considered?

Hill Harper: Yes, I will be in one of the three films, but we haven’t announced my role as of yet.


You are a man of many talents with a star-studded track record. From collaborating with music’s top artists like: Erykah Badu, Michael Jackson, Grace Jones, Vanessa Williams, Toni Braxton, and so much more, singing professionally, acting on Broadway, and owning your own entertainment powerhouse that provides production from start to finish; what motivates you to tackle new projects, and how did the creation of Archrok Entertainment come about?

Kameko Tarnez: For me to tackle any project I need to be inspired. Truth, love and inclusion is always at the core of anything that I choose to devout myself to. My European investment partners and I wanted to contribute to the artistic world, mainly focusing on artists that are authentic and often overlooked. After several years of consulting and offering support to many of my fellow creatives we decided to turn it into an official entertainment company.

You are an extraordinary man. From acting, to writing books, earning three Ivy League degrees, and serving as a social and political activist, to now serving as a co-executive producer to one of the soon-to-be highly anticipated films; how do you keep up your momentum, and what motivates you to tackle new projects?

Hill Harper: Thank you for that acknowledgment. I get excited about participating in projects that break new ground and have a spirit of uplifting the human condition. I’m always inspired to keep going by exciting new projects such as “Protector of the Gods” created by Kameko Tarnez.

What is the overall lesson, message and/or experience that you want the audience to take from your film(s)?

Kameko Tarnez: The overall lesson is that we were not just slaves.

For any actors, or any other talented people, interested in joining this project, is it too late? If not, how could they be considered in time for filming?

Kameko Tarnez:  We are still casting for certain roles. Any actors that are interested are welcome to submit their pertinent info in the casting section of our website. www.archrokent.com.

Anything you would like to add and/or any last impressions you’d like to leave us and our readers with about you and/or this upcoming film trilogy?

Kameko Tarnez: You can follow me on my social media at KamekoTarnez on Instagram and twitter for updates on the graphic novel that is attached to the film, which will be released this summer.

Hill Harper: Please join our mailing list at www.protectorofthegods.com for updates on the project.


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