Baby Driver Movie Grows Bad is Newest Summer Hit!

Summer is always the biggest stomping ground for your average blockbuster movie, still Summer 2017 has dropped some pretty amazing films.

We fell in love with Wonder Womanwere terrified by The Mummy, and said farewell to old friends in Cars 3, but now audiences everywhere can prep themselves in VROOM into summer’s newest hit movie, Baby Driver!

baby driver movie

The film centers around “Baby” (Ansel Egbort) an amazing getaway driver who works on demand for a crime boss to pay off a debt from his past. Baby works without question wanting nothing more than a clean break from his life of crime. Seeking freedom and love he finds himself in even hotter water when his final heist goes horribly awry. Baby must fight not only for his life, but the people he loves!

Baby Driver movie cast
cast of “Baby Driver” movie minus Jamie Foxx; Eiza González, Ansel Elgort, Edgar Wright (director) and Jon Hamm

We have to say Baby Driver is like The Fast & The Furious meets Kill Bill! The film has some of the most amazing car chase scenes and stunts we have ever seen and when you see how this kid fights back you will have no choice but to root for him all the way ’til the end. Ansel’s performance as Baby is a far cry from his role of “Caleb Prior” in The Divergent Series, and we are completely here for it! Just as interesting are the villains of the film. The hitmen and bank robbers Baby is forced to drive for are nothing less than sadistic. Even the sanest criminal among them proves to be the most deranged when he loses something he loves. Let’s not forget to mention you will LOVE Jamie Foxx in this role–one like you have never seen him–a heartless, kill ready, crazed criminal with no morals!

baby driver movieThe fill has earned a coveted 98% on Rotten Tomatoes as of today, but you can judge it for yourself when you can catch Baby Driver in theaters everywhere tomorrow!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning
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