Baby Gosling Finally Arrives!

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Congratulations are in order! A rep confirmed that Friday, Eva Mendes, and Ryan Gosling welcomed their baby girl into the world.

Although the couple tried to keep the pregnancy under wraps, there is no hiding it now! While speaking with People Magazine their rep went on to say,

“This has been a long time coming,” [says a pal]. “Ryan and Eva definitely discussed children before. She knows how much he wants to be a dad and he’s going to be an amazing father.”

We can only imagine how thrilled the celebrity couple must be! While no photos of baby Gosling have surfaced yet, we are certain it is only a matter of time before that gorgeous baby makes an appearance. KONTROL wishes the Gosling’s all the best! Here are a few parenting tips we think every parent should know.


1. SLEEP when the baby is sleep! This will allow mom and dad to get their rest, as scare as it may seem to be.

2.  BE Who you want your child to be. Kids mimic EVERYTHING! Even when your hunk they aren’t paying attention, they are.  From facial expressions, emotions and hand gestures, your child will pick up on it all.

3. IGNORE Advice. Do what you feel is best for you and your baby, don’t let people and books pressure you into a certain style of parenting. Instinctively baby’s and their parents have their own language, do what feels right to you.



Good luck and God speed! Comment below and tell us some of the craziest parenting advice you’ve heard.


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