#BabyWatch: Joseline Hernandez Announces Pregnancy

When it comes to Love and Hip hop’s Joseline Hernandez, you can always expect the unexpected. And the saying proves true – because everybody’s favorite Puerto Rican princess just announced via social media that she’s expecting!

Joseline Hernandez prego

Taking to Instagram to share her big news, Joseline even included the hashtag, #LilJoseline; could this mean that she’s expecting a little girl? Also adding fuel to the fire, just a few days ago the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta starlet shared a snap of red wine along with the caption: ‘Red Wine Only!’ According to doctors, it’s okay for an expectant mother to have a glass of wine every now and again while pregnant and we all know how Joseline loves her vodka. Could the new life be the reason Joseline switched up her drink of choice?

Celebrities Sighted at SLS Beverly Hills Hotel on June 29, 2013

As far as we all know, Joseline and her “husband” Stevie J have been having quite a few marital issues as of lately… Should we ask who’s the daddy or should we just keep watching social media to see who says what first?

In any of event, congratulations Joseline. We can’t wait to see the little bambino.

Comment below what you think the sex of Joseline’s bundle of joy is.

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