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Back to the Future: These Celebs refuse to change their signature locks

We love celebs because they shock and amaze us with their talent, beauty and crazy hair. Some stars change hair color like underwear so they always surprise their fans from day to day (Rihanna anyone?).

However these five beauties have found their hair lane and opted to stay right there. They may waiver for a week or two, but they always come back to their old faithfuls. Why? The following mega-celebs know not to mess with their money shot.

5. Sanaa Lathan
The gorgeous Sanaa Lathan may wear tight, bouncy curls, super straight weave or pin it back for a few days, but for the most part she does not mess with those long, luscious, dark waves. And why would she as beautiful as she always looks?

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4. Beyoncé
So we know the queen goes for many different looks to fit her various personas. However, the hive knows her best in her big, blond, cascading waves.

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3. Jennifer Lopez
This former “fly girl” changed her hair color from true brunette to golden blond brown and has never looked back.

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2. Chilli
You already what time it is with with the “sexy” third of TLC. Chilli still loves her baby hair…20 years later.

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1. Kim Kardashian
So occasionally she’s blond. But usually when this selfie professional snaps a shot, she rocks her enviable dark, glossy, wavy locks.

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Any others you can think of? Do you agree with this line up?

Photos courtesy of the stars’ personal Instagram accounts or previously released pictures from the associated press. 

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