Bad Business in Vegas for Kanye West

kontrol, kanye, kanye west, las vegas, kim k, north west, fashion Kanye West hands down is one of the most successful Rappers to date. With a versatile portfolio in business dealings Mr. West isn’t going broke anytime soon. Recently news broke of Kanye being offered a Las Vegas Strip performance deal that would nearly add an addition 4.5 Million to his pockets.  Legendary Las Vegas Performers include Celine Dion holding the title of highest paid performer at $476K a show, Britney Spears at $475K a show, and J.Lo with a standing offer at $350K a show.

kontrol, kanye, kanye west, las vegas, kim k, north west, fashion

Kanye stood to earn $500K a show, 3 nights a week for three weeks. Talk about an easy job! Sources say Kanye turned down the deal, but gave no reason as to why.  While the media likes to portray Kanye West as an erratic, and unpredictable villain, we all know much better than that. There has to be a grand plan in the works for Ye to turn down a history making deal for the Vegas Strip. As a business man, creative and musical genius, and arguably one of fashions break out influences, it is hard to believe West would walk away from $4.5 Million with no legitimate reason. Here are a few reasons KONTROL thinks Kanye turned down the gig.

1. Kanye’s probably working on perfecting an album he finished in record time, that he’ll release on the Eve of two upcoming major holidays.

2. Family guy wants to leave some availability in his schedule for baby Nori.

3. Kimye are trying to make baby number two, and Mr. West wants to keep his body in tip top shape. Performing can be grueling after all.

4. He is finishing up a clothing line projected to appear in the upcoming Spring Fashion Week.

5. Mr. West is planning, and prepping for a MAJOR 2015 tour, and there was simply a schedule conflict.

Only Kanye knows why he didn’t take the deal, but we can dream right? Comment below and tell us which of these you think could be why Ye passed up the offer.

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