Bakblade Shaver Helps Guys Combat Body Hair


Guys are hairy! A lot of men have hair on their chest, backs, arms, legs, and almost everywhere between. While most men have come to accept their hairy nature, others have to wax and shave to their way to a smoother body. At least until the hair grows back. For men who don’t have time to schedule waxings and find it hard to shave their entire bodies, they might want to try BakBlade.

BakBlade is a body groomer, that makes it easier for men to shave the bodies. With twin blades, a removable blade cartridge, and ergonomic properties, men can not only shave their chest and but also reach their back. That’s because the handle makes it easier for men to reach their entire back. It also helps users hit body parts from multiple angles and detaches to go over areas like your chest and abs.This body groomer features DryGlide safety blades that can be used wet or dry.

Traditionally, men have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to grooming. Especially, when it comes to shaving, the choices are very limited. Men have been forced to use small razors or electric trimmers to tackle large areas where hair exist. Not everyone wants to make a monthly waxing appointment to get their back hair removed. But it’s the difference between looking like Chewbacca and a human being.

The BakBlade makes it easier for guys to take care of their own shaving needs “in-house.” It’s a way for them to get all of the areas that they normally would have trouble with. Whether you’re doing on the go or taking your time, this shaver allows men to take control of their shaving experience.

Other great things that BakBlade offer are additional blades that come in packs of four or six, and liquid soap. The BakBlade shaver can be purchased by itself or in a set that comes with blades. For less than $50 customers can have a BakBlade, 10 blades, a cleaning brush, and a wall mount. That’sagreat bundle, especially since that blades are long lasting.

If you’re a guy who wants to improve your overall shaving experience, check out the BakBlade at

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