From “Bane” to “Apocalypse!” Tom Hardy is sought after to become “The X-Men’s” Next Big Villain!

“X-Men: Apocalypse” is on its way! This movie will mark Apocalypse’s cinematic debut; and just so you know when it comes to super villains  is the cream of the crop! Gifted with more powers than you can imagine. Born, En Sabah Nur, this immortal (and first) mutant makes villains as powerful as Magneto look like novice heroes. Thus, it is no surprise Fox wants an actor use to playing hulking homicidal bad guys–they want Tom Hardy. As you might remember Tom was DC comics villain, Bane, in the final installment of “The Dark Knight” franchise, “The Dark Knight Rises.” Big, brooding, and fearful the villain initially bested Batman and plunged Gotham into anarchy.

Tom Hardy as "Bane"
Tom Hardy as “Bane”

Apocalypse you can see from the picture Apocalypse is quite a site to behold. Tom’s size, combined with a little movie makeup magic X-Men director, may make him the scariest super villain to grace a movie screen. He still has fierce competition though with Marvel Studios’ “Thanos” as seen in this past summer’s  “The Guardians of The Galaxy.” Brian Singer has knack for picking amazing talent when it comes to bringing Marvel’s “merry mutants” to The Big Screen. Apocalypse’s appearance serves as a major turning point in the X-Men features, where predominantly Magneto has been the villain. Sources have confirmed this film will close out the X-Men First Class Franchise, rumored to be set in the early eighties when many of the X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm) were teenagers.

En Sabah Nur as he appeared at the end of the credits for X-Men: Days of Future Past
En Sabah Nur as he appeared at the end of the credits for X-Men: Days of Future Past

As a Marvel and X-Men fan I am stoked to see such awesome casting for “X-Men: Apocal

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