“Batman Vs. Superman,” Superman’s New Look!

Unless you have spent the last year under a Martian rock, then you know DC Comic’s next big superhero film is all about a clash of Titans. Yes, “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is coming to theaters everywhere May 2016! Even if you feel that is quite awhile to wait to see the two biggest superheroes on the planet go toe to toe, you will enjoy the tidbits Warner Bros. studios is giving the fans ’til the big day arrives.

Henry Cavill_Batman v Superman

The latest image shows us Superman’s new look. The costume has been slightly modified to give it a sleek and darker look. Before the it seemed more like armor. This is interesting, especially since Superman just killed General Zod in the last film. Perhaps this action has pushed him over the edge, forcing Batman to step in and stop him. Then again, we know Superman will making some appearances in Gotham City during the film–and that city could darken Sun…His hair has changed to, instead of country boy fluff it is now the traditional slick we are use to seeing on The Man Of Steel. Let us also take a moment to note just how awesome Henry Cavill looks as Superman. His physique, bone structure, and stature make him the best Superman to date, kudos to the casting director!

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this film, besides seeing The Dark Knight take down The Man Of Steel, will be it status as the gateway to The Justice League movie in 2018. Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa have already been cast as Wonder Woman and Aquaman, respectively, and the studio hints even more heroes will make appearances. There are also four more confirmed villains; Victor Zsasz, David Cain, Amanda Waller, and Morgan Edge. These four, along with Lex Luthor, will prove to be quite the headache for The World’s Finest heroes. Look out Avengers, Batman and Superman are coming for you!


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