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Are you looking for a new, cutting-edge brand? Well, look no further! Anti-Social Homme’s creator Robert Flood talks with Kontrol Magazine about his clothing line.

Upon first glance, the clothing can seem a bit on the different side and for the person that likes to be on the opposite end of overdone fashion trends, Anti-Social Homme is the perfect match. Anti-Social Homme can be described as a menswear brand that fuses art, fashion and design. In order to gain a better understand of this up and coming brand, its best to go to the source.

Anti Social Homme shirts

Robert “Middleman” Flood is an entrepreneur and stylist. Having multiple clients and a number of years in the business of styling others, it is only fitting to start creating clothing for the masses. When it comes to getting inspiration for some of the line’s pieces, Flood reflects back on the past. “In all honesty, I draw inspiration from all era’s…but I do love the 80’s. From the iconic eye wear brand Ray-Ban, bold prints of Gianni Versace, slogan t-shirts to velour sweat suits and graphic sweatshirts, that is when street wear began to make a name for itself” said Flood. Although he is not classically trained in fashion, with regards to going to a higher-learning institution where fashion is the focus, he is able to identify new trends and even start them.

Robert "Middleman" Flood
Robert “Middleman” Flood

The first piece that was created for Anti-Social Homme is titled “Color Blind.” “The image features a Caucasian woman face covered with a black man’s hand. The image spoke to me due to all the racism we’ve been experiencing” said Flood. Outside of “Color Blind”, the other pieces in the collection sell well, if they are not already sold out. When asked if new collections will be released similarly to that of other fashion brands, seasons, Robert Flood stated “It’s two-fold. Because our designs go so well with sneaker releases, our goal is to create limited edition collections around the release of new sneakers. Likewise, we have designs that we release during the tradition fashion cycle.”

Anti-Social Homme Color Blind
Color Blind

So, who would be the perfect Anti-Social Homme customer? “The Anti-Social Homme customer is fashion-forward, has a love for the beauty of art and is into collecting the latest sneaker releases” said Flood. One of the great features about the brand is the fact that the clothing is unisex so female admirers will be able to don the fashion-forward clothing.

Robert "Middleman" Flood
Robert “Middleman” Flood

Despite starting the new brand, Flood still intends on remaining a stylist. “Styling is always at the core of what I do. It keeps me on top of trends and is very therapeutic for me” said Flood. In addition to still being a stylist, Robert Flood and his team will continue to help Anti-Social Homme grow. Luckily, close friends have been able to be supportive of the brand. With the help of loved ones, and the start of a new influencer outreach program that will soon start for the upcoming collections, it is Flood’s hope to see Anti-Social Homme become a global brand. Considering that the clothing is a blend of art and fashion, which speaks to many people across the world, it will not take long.

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