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Bear & Bear Showcases Products for the Millennials on the Go!

Bear & Bear Showcases Products for the Millennials on the Go!

It’s hard to find products that fit our lifestyles, especially with this generation. We’re constantly coming and going, discovering new ideas, and exploring different ventures. The life of a millennial is a journey. Sometimes the destination is clear, while at other times the experience is more important. Either way, Bear & Bear has decided to prepare us for what’s to come by scouting out brands that fit into the lives of millennials and aid them through their journey.

Bear & Bear is a European site that highlights the best brands for millennials. They understand that this generation is frequently moving around and needs products that are compatible with that lifestyle. Some of the products are just for home but most of them are innovative items for people on-the-go. The point is that there’s always a new adventure to explore, so why not be prepared.

The opportunity to organize yourself and prepare for the adventures of today is what Bear & Bear is offering. It’s millennial survival 101. These brands and product make it easier to go out into the world and seize the day. Here are some examples of what they have found:

Everyday Kits

Mod 15″ Laptop 2 Tech Case By This Is Ground
Mod 15″ Laptop 2 Tech Case By This Is Ground

Some of the items that Bear & Bear has made available are kits or carrying cases that allow you to hold almost everything you may need to utilize in one place. Smaller than a backpack, these simple carrying kits can hold multiple items at once. One of these kits or cases can carry your laptop, tablet, headphones, credit cards, phone, pencils, and pens. Not to mention your charger and other cords. All of that in one.

The kits are made by a brand called This Is Ground. They primary create leather goods that service their customer’s technology and travel needs. Travel doesn’t always mean that you’re catching a flight or going way across the country. A travel is a person who is always on-the-go no matter how far they’re going; Bear & Bear recognizes that this brand understands that.

Food & Drink

Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine By Wacaco
Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine By Wacaco

People who are on-the-go need their food and drinks to follow suit. For a lot of us, coffee is very necessary and only second to water. Plus, there are some health benefits to drinking coffee regularly, but we’re not about to get into all that. Bear & Bear spotlights Wacaco, a brand that caters to coffee lovers. They produce a portable expresso machine that’s easy to use and can be taken everywhere. No more having to stop off at Starbucks for that quick fix. Also for travelers, you can have fresh coffee on the airplane.

Another cool item for on-the-go food needs is the Bentobox which is produced by a brand called Monbento. The Bentobox is a minimalist food storage item. It holds a large volume of food, but obviously, it’s easier than having a cooler or lunchbox. Monbento strives to modernize the way that we carry around food. For one eating healthy sometimes requires people to prepare their food at home and bring it with them during the day. Also, eating homemade meals is obviously cheaper than going to McDonalds or Subway. Having a container that is airtight, microwave-safe, and more sustainable than regular plastic containers positively impacts your health, your finances, and your overall lifestyle.

MB Square Bentobox By Monbento
MB Square Bentobox By Monbento



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