Beard Grooming for ‘Movember’ and Beyond

Beards have been trending lately and I don’t know who to blame, but I am not mad about it.  There is something so masculine and sexy about a well-groomed and full beard.  Yes, we are nearing the end of ‘Movember’ (a month-long occasion where people are encouraged to not shave for 30 days in the month of November to raise cancer awareness), but I have a feeling that our men won’t be shaving their full beard glory any time soon.

In light of that, check out some of the products below that will have  your man’s (or yours, hey guys!) beard on point.




Remington Chrome Precision Power Beard & Hair Clipper, $29.99

Just because he will be growing his beard does not mean he won’t need to trim and line it up to keep it neat.  These precision liners will allow him to groom his beard and line it up perfectly.


Tweezerman scissor and fine toothed comb, $18

No one wants a kinky and knotted up beard.  The comb will help to keep his beard neat and smooth, while the scissors will help to trim up long stray hairs that can keep his beard looking less than polished.


High Time Bump Stopper – 2, $6.49

My husband raves about this bump stopper.  Just because your man won’t be shaving his entire face as he grows out his beard does not mean that he needs to stop treating his face for ingrown hair and etc.  When we is lining his beard he will need to definitely treat those areas to be sure his beard is bump free.


Texas Beard Co. Beard Balm, $22

Not only does this smell divine, it will also keep his beard hydrated, which translates to it maintaining a healthy shine and soft texture.


H.I.M – istry Naturals keratin & tea tree conditioning cleanser, $13

Because his beard will need some extra TLC as it grows out, using facial cleanser is a no-no.  This special cleanser will nourish and strengthen his beard to keep it looking shiny and healthy.


Four Vices Mustache Wax, $9

As edge control and pomade is for our edges and fly aways is Four Vices Mustache Wax for your man’s beard.  This wax will help to tame those unruly strands that won’t stay in place.


Androgynous anchored with class and splashes of trendy is how I would describe my style with my bottom line style category being boho-chic. I love to challenge myself with new experiences and surrounding myself with positivity. Detroit raised me and Atlanta is grooming me. Sit back and enjoy the ride...I promise you this will be good.