Beauty By AJ Beauty Artist Spotlight: Blashfull


Countless women make it their mission to get their lashes applied during and or after a spa pedicure or manicure.  In many states nail techs are not certified to apply lashes and are; therefore, performing services that are NOT state board sanctioned.

Our eyes are important organs and we have to be critical of who we trust with performing our beauty services.  I recommend going to a licensed “master cosmetologist” or “certified esthetician” to get your lashes applied. Sanitation, product knowledge, and experience should be at the forefront of your mind when considering who is worthy of tending to your flutters.

I would like to introduce a master cosmetologist that operates in Atlanta, Georgia.  Belon D. has been performing lash services for the past 5 years and can apply a full set of semi permanent lashes in under 2 hours.


Semi permanent lashes are single strands of synthetic, mink; and or, human hair that is applied to every other or each strand of lashes that you have. Having semi permanent lashes done will render your strip lashes and Ardell clusters Null and Void because now you can take that hot steamy shower and sleep as wild as you want.

The life of a full set of lashes can span up to 90 days until all of the lashes shed, but Belon recommends a 2 to 3 week maintenance schedule to keep them looking full. Additionally, to ensure that the natural lashes are strong and plentiful, implement a diverse diet full of vitamins and enzymes. Take a hair, skin, and nail dietary supplement daily to help improve the keratin infrastructure.


Belon D. is located in midtown.  Follow her on IG @blashfull and book her timely, professional, and lasting services via StyleSeat.


About the author:

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