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Beauty and Health Habits That Are Kind to the Environment

Beauty and Health Habits That Are Kind to the Environment


The health and beauty industries continue to boom across the world as cosmetic appearance remains one of the key sources of confidence and wellbeing for many global citizens. But what is the vast global industry doing to our precious environment – and what can we do to reduce the impact of our consumption in the beauty and health markets to help the health of the planet? This article provides some answers, detailing the habits that’ll keep the world in good health while also keeping you looking great day-in and day-out.

Avoid Excess Packaging

One of the major areas of contention in today’s ecological protection drive is around packaging. With many small products (including single-use products) wrapped in a large amount of plastic and cardboard packaging, the drive here is to reduce the materials that we produce, bin or recycle – all of which costs energy. You can have an impact on this campaign by purchasing products either in bulk or with the least packaging possible, to encourage makeup manufacturers to change their wasteful ways.

Microbeads are a No-Go

Have you heard of the microbeads scandal? Well, they’re tiny balls of plastic present in some exfoliating face washes and other creams and soaps that wash down our sinks, through the sewers, and out into the oceans of our world. Plastics, as you’ll know, take a long time to biodegrade – and as such you’re going to want to avoid these in all the products that you buy. Be most vigilant when buying face or skin washes, as you’ll find them present in many of them, and if you’re in doubt, find the specifications on the bottle or on the internet so that you’re not fueling this wasteful and damaging practice.

Eco-Friendly Makeup

Not everyone may have woken up to the fact that it’s cool to be kind to the planet, but there are plenty of options in the health and beauty market that are offering eco-friendly products that are kind to your body and the environment simultaneously. By using Jane Iredale makeup, for instance, you’ll be enjoying the use of quality products that haven’t been animal tested and are made from organic ingredients. Other brand and lines are slowly marketing to the environmentally-conscious masses, which means you have plenty of purchasing power in terms of spending your cash where it matters for the planet.

Reduce Wipe Use

After a long day, it is oh-sosimple to get home, unpack a tissue of makeup remover, and swab your face lazily with it in order to remove your day’s makeup. It’s something nearly all of us do, but when added up, you’ll recognize just how much waste your makeup use is producing. Instead, a designated hot towel that you wash on occasion is far kinder to the environment – and your face – than simply using one-use sheets every day. Be mindful of your makeup supplies so that you’re reducing the waste that you create every day.

These tips will help you become more environmentally friendly with your choice of makeup rituals and products.


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