The Beauty of Ashley Everett

Who else is known for her signature fiery red curls and killer dance moves other than the beautiful Ashley Everett? Everett is a professional dancer and actress who has graced the stages with performers such as Usher, Ne-Yo, Tina Turner, Ciara and of course the queen Beyoncé. The newly engaged dancer has featured apart of the trio for the video “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” that went viral. Everett shared with Kontrol her outlook on tour life, her recent engagement, beauty secrets and being Beyoncé’s dance captain.

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Ashley began dancing for Beyoncé at the age of 17. She found herself torn between the decision to stay in Juilliard or go on tour. After only two years of joining Bey’s crew, she became her right-hand woman. Now she is at the top of her game with no turning back. Currently, she just wrapped up with the Formation tour. “It’s always great to be in our home country. The tour was going well. It’s a lot of work and a big production.” Being apart of such a big project can be strenuous on your body. “We have the physical therapist that travel with us that keep our bodies in shape and ready to go for the show. We also have a day in between to rest.”

ashley everettEverett has been dancing all her life so it’s no secret to why she’s a big star. “I’ve been dancing ballet since I was 2. I’ve been performing professionally for over ten years now. I started dancing with Beyoncé at 17.” So how did the star get her start with Beyoncé. “I auditioned for her. She had a huge open call audition. I was dancing for Alvin Ailey at the time and I went to the audition a lot of my friends were going too. I met her choreographer a month prior and he remembered me. He saw me dance and kept me to the end. They gave me a shot. I did a video and it led to a tour.” In just two years Everett became the captain. She stated “In 2009, we were going into a new tour with new dancers. I was the only returning one. I knew the camp and the old choreography. They gave me that role and I took it on.”

You can read the rest of Ashley Everett’s amazing interview when you grab your own copy of Kontrol Magazine’s Celebration Issue at a Barnes & Noble Bookstore near you. In the meantime check out her interview with Kontrol correspondent, Daniela Posso below!

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