Beauty Bloggers starts a new #BOMB challenge! Use only Black-Owned Makeup Brands!

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Youtube is now becoming more than just beauty, comedy, and games. Now bloggers are using their platform to make their subscribers more aware of social and political views. YouTube is a lot of their jobs and it can sometimes be bad to mix politics and work. However, YouTube sensation Jackie Ania called for a challenge to her 700,000+ subscribers. Ania, decided to do a #BOMB challenge which is a challenge that focuses on Black Owned Makeup Brands. This challenge is for ALL men and women of all races and ethnicities to support these companies.

Several other big YouTuber’s such as Alissa Ashely and Alyssa Forever who together gross over 1.2 million subscribers also joined the challenge. Ania, states “I challenge all of YOU (especially those of you who are not black) to try some new products are support MORE black and minority owned businesses….There are a LOT of black-owned brands whScreen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.03.52 PMo are AMAZING and are often over looked and overshadowed by bigger brands who don’t even cater to us as much as they should!” What women doesn’t love makeup. Makeup is a beautiful way to accentuate your natural beauty. Brands such as Almay, L’Oréal, and Maybelline are multi-billion dollar businesses that have been around for decades. Majority of them have yet to included makeup that could actually work for all skin tones. Covergirl released a line called the Queen Collection. The queen collection is targeted for women of color to help match our different shades of melanin. Hopefully more brands will hop on that bandwagon.

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A lot of people who joined in the challenge felt ashamed when they realized they didn’t even own brands until they made the video. Alyssa stated “I was ashamed when I realized I had ZERO products from black owned brands. So, I went out and bought as much as I could find and filmed myself using them…I hope more people do this!” Hopefully, this challenge encourages others to go outside the box and find different quality brands.

Here are a few brands that were mentioned in these videos. Shea Moisture, Sacha Cosmetics, Black Opal, Coloured Raine, Lena Lashes, and AJ Crimson. There are several other brands that also black owned such as Ka’oir, Jay Jill Cometics, Revel by JL and Beauty Brownie. Are you ready for this #BOMB challenge?

Written by @leahgordone

Photos courtesy of @JackieAnia @Alissa.ashley @foreverflawlyss

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