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Beauty Products I Love Since Beginning My Loc Journey

Beauty Products I Love Since Beginning My Loc Journey

I’m new to the loc family. I’ve been wearing my hair natural for roughly nine years now, I’ve been exploring some new beauty products that I’m familiar with as well as those beauty products excellent for locs. I’d recently transitioned to locs in June, and October marks five months of me having locs. My hair was already 6-7 inches when I loc’d it. The past few months of have taught me a few things about locing your hair–it’s a process that you can’t rush. Starting out with longer hair doesn’t necessarily translate to automatically having long locs right away.

The loc journey is different for everyone.

While I’ve been learning more about loc care, I’ve also found some products that I have fallen in love with. I’m no stranger to rose water. It has skin nourishing benefits and works great on locs. I prefer to mist my hair with a rose water in the am to refresh my mane and helps soothe my scalp when its feeling dry.

Beauty Locs

Taliah Waajid Apple and Aloe Hold me Down Gelle
This is something I gravitated to for touching my hair up between re-twists. Like the growth oil from Taliah Waajid, the Hold me Down Gelle absorbs into the hair and helps nourish, condition and moisturize your locs.






Beauty Locs

For loc-gel, I prefer a lighter mix. The Strengthening Max hold Gel by Shea Moisture and the Braid, Loc and Twist gel by African Pride have amazing hold and shine.  Shea Moisture doesn’t absorb as well into my hair and I feel that can lead to some product buildup for my hair type. Taliah Waajid’s Apple and Aloe Hold Me Down Gelle is my favorite of the three products. The Apple and All formula is excellent for itchy or even temperamental scalps. The aloe was so soothing.

Beauty Locs

Argan Oil
Argan oil is easily one of my favorite oils for my scalp and hair. I have low-porosity hair, so it goes without saying how essential retaining moisture is. Argan oil is great for your hair and skin and has dozes of benefits such as being a strong heat protectant promoting hair growth and absorbs easily into low-porosity hair. In addition to adding great shine to locs, organ oil is also deeply moisturizing.

Herbal oils are great for hair, however there are some other base oils that make for good hair and scalp maintenance. Rosehip oil is extremely soothing to irritated the skin. It absorbs quickly into hair and skin and doesn’t leave any residue. A healthy scalp is necessary to having a healthy and beautiful head of hair.

Taliah Waajjid Coconut and Bamboo Growth Oil
I’ve been familiar with Taliah Waajid’s products for a while now. In fact, it’s one of the few brands that’s consistently remained a part of my hair regiment in some way. I’ve been natural for 9 years. Whether I’ve done a braid-out or had locs, this brand has had some presence in my hair-care regimen.

Beauty Locs

Keeping a clean scalp is essential to healthy hair growth and contributes to the longevity of having beautiful and healthy locs. One of my favorite shampoo and conditioner treatments are the Hair ResQ Thickening Formula Biotin Shampoo and the Thickening Conditioner by Petal Fresh Pure. The shampoo, which includes peppermint, rosemary and green tea is particularly refreshing. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent option to deeply cleans your locs. Since losing my hair, ACV has helped keep my locs clean and free of access buildup.

Like Taliah Waajid, Aussie Moist is another mainstay in my hair-care arsenal. I love the deep conditioner. Deep conditioning/moisturizing is an essential part of haircare and contributes to the overall lifespan of your locs.


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