Beauty Quickie: Permanent Makeup Mania

My beautiful best friend decided to make her beauty mark permanent after having to constantly apply it during application and occasionally losing it by the end of the day.  Being in the beauty profession I have met so many women who have opted to bypass the daily routine and get the look in ink. A few makeup options include:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner, Top and Bottom
  • Lipliner, Lip Color, and Blend
  • Scar Camouflage, Beauty Marks, Hair imitation, Lash Enhancement, and Areola Repigmentation

The services prices can start at $100.00 and easily climb to $1100. It is important to keep in mind that fading will more than likely occur and require a return visit. Here are a few known faces that have opted for the permanent route.

Permanent Eyeliner


Permanent Beauty Mark

2 natalie portman wallpaper

Permanent Brows


Do your research. Make sure that you are working with a licensed technician with years of experience, and has the ability to supply a portfolio full of before and after clients.

Happy Hunting!

By Alia Jay